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Working with Nexpose GEM – Guide

In my previous blog post i have explained about Nexpose GEM Installation with Ruby API. – Click to Read the blog post

Below I am explaining here its working with Nexpose GEM

  1. In your terminal type irb to launch Ruby interpreter
  1. Enter the following lines to enter Nexpose Gem and setup connection to a security console

               require ‘nexpose’

              nsc =Nexpose::Connection.new(‘localhost’, ’username’, ‘password’)

Be sure that you have set the correct IP or Hostname, Username and Password for your Security Console.

Enter the following lines to log in to Nexpose and list all sites



When you are finished interacting with Nexpose session, you should logout to ensure the session is freed up



In my next blog post i will explain how to Convert CSV to JSON with Ruby Script .. Keep Reading.!

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