Content Security: Overview

Information is the most vital asset for the company. Right from customer information to financial data to research and training data, and other intellectual capital, corporate information must be safeguarded with utmost care. Document loss is the leading cause of data breaches. Intentional or accidental leaking of vital information puts a business at risk for regulatory fines, missed revenue opportunities and damage to reputation. eSec forte’s Content Security solutions secures essential documents of an organization and helps companies to reduce the risk of data exposure and loss. Our solutions can eliminate
revenue loss that occurs due to unauthorized access to valuable and sensitive corporate information.

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Content Security: Challenges

Although trust is the fundamental element of the internet and your customers trust that their data is secured, there are many attacks that can take place against public websites. A common attack against public websites is injection of malicious or unwanted content that claims to be from that website, but it is not. It is irrelevant content that is hosted elsewhere. If this kind of pernicious content is loaded on a customers’ computer, it can take advantage
of their critical data. Attackers and hackers use iFrames, clickjacking, XSS attacks to attack systems. These kinds of destructive attacks make the customers lose trust in your organization and makes them abandon a purchase or a shopping cart.

How can we help?

eSec forte’s content security policy ensures that your employees, customers, prospects and
partners can safely interact with, and share critical documents and content anywhere,
anytime on mobile devices, laptop, desktops, and applications.
With eSecForte’s content security solutions, you can easily control and manage the content
that is accessed by employees, vendors, potential customers and all other stakeholders.
At eSec Forte, we ensure that our customers can leverage the latest technology to deal with
advanced threats and data breaches. We work with content security experts who have
advanced expertise in handling malware outbreaks through internet and email and fighting
cyber threats.

Features of our Content Security

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Web Security

Our content security solutions include high-level protection for organizations against malware, malicious code, and inappropriate content. Our content security services enable users to utilize the internet as a secure business tool for data access and exchange.

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Email Security

We offer strong email protection features to completely eliminate SPAM, avoid irrelevant content, enforce strong email usage policies, protect confidential data through encryption and ensure proper measures for archiving email content.

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Hybrid Security

We also offer the benefit of hybrid security as part of our content security solutions. You can implement our web protection and security services while retaining your existing data protection practices with minimum disruption to your existing environment.

Benefits of our Content Security Solutions

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5 W’s of Content Security

1. What is the primary feature of your content security solution?
The main objective of our content security solution is preventing alteration of content by an authorized or unauthorized user without being detected.

2. Does your solution guarantee the security of content on all devices and platforms?
Our content security solutions are seamless and platform-agnostic. Your users do not need any apps or plug-ins to view the content and they can securely access it on any platform and device.

3. Why should I partner with eSecForte for content security?
We offer high commercial value and in-depth knowledge in content security. All our consultants have a high level of technical expertise and we offer a range of services including planning and training.

4. What industries can benefit from your content security solutions?
Our content security solutions can be implemented across industries such as Finance, Training, Manufacturing, Publishing, Consumer retail, Entertainment and so on.

5. Do you offer protection against content piracy?
eSec Forte’s content security solution includes features for online piracy detection and safeguarding of online content from unauthorized access and distribution