Continuous Cyber Security Management and Awareness Solution

Security Management

CyberObserver – Overview

Cyber Observer is a Security Management and awareness solution. It continuously measures the cybersecurity status of an organization’s security environment by retrieving and analyzing Critical Security Controls (CSCs) from relevant security tools. Critical Security Controls are the most fundamental data, processes and actions that every enterprise should employ in order to prevent, alert, and respond to the attacks that are plaguing enterprises today. The comprehensive information empowers CISOs and executives to make insightful and timely decisions to ensure the cybersecurity of the organization. Developed for CISOs, Infosec and IT managers, Cyber Observer provides extensive cybersecurity understanding for all stakeholders. By connecting to the security and related third-party vendor tool suite, Cyber Observer provides insights and recommendations to empower effective enterprise cyber defense. Empowered with comprehensive awareness, you can easily identify weaknesses, reduce mean time to detect, prevent breaches, drive strategic planning and report to executive stakeholders. These activities continually improve enterprise security

Security Management
Security Management

Four Layers of Cybersecurity

Organizations fortify themselves with an abundance of security technologies then may struggle to determine the enterprise level of cybersecurity achieved. Cyber Observer delivers a single-pane-of-glass solution displaying performance data that proactively provides improvement recommendations in near real-time. This single view of enterprise-wide cybersecurity allows the organization to deliver the level of security required, meeting both compliance and business risk needs.


Based on manufacturers best practices and industry recommendations, Cyber Observer provides internal scoring on your current Security Tools configurations and presents the optimization status of your tools


Based on industry-recognized frameworks and Critical Security Controls (CSCs) Cyber Observer provides near real-time assessment of all your security domains and recommendations to improve


Based on a given industry framework, Cyber Observer provides an on-going cybersecurity program, gap analysis, and risk mitigation management to enhance your security environment.


Leveraging near-real-time monitoring of security tools and domains, Cyber Observer’s core engine provides continuous analytics and alerts in case of deviation from normal behavior.

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Real-Time Scoring of an enterprise Cybersecurity

Cyber Observer automatically constructs up-to-date cybersecurity posture based on embedded security tools in the organizational infrastructure, and processes in all areas of security. Every security tool and/or process carries significance, as does each area of control and security. Taken together, they serve to calculate a security status in each domain of security as well as the overall cybersecurity of the enterprise.



Cyber Observer distinguishes an overall security framework into security domains. The platform measures enterprise security posture by pre-configured out-of-the-box security domains : • Account Management • Malware Defense • Secure Network • Secure Configuration • Secure Application • Data security • Incident Management • Security Assessment • Physical Security

Critical Security Controls


Critical Security Controls (CSCs) are the most fundamental data, processes and actions that every company should employ in order to prevent, alert, and respond to the attacks that are plaguing enterprises today. Cyber Observer's methodology is based on continuously implementing, retrieving and analyzing CSCs from all relevant data sources existing in the organization.

Build a Cyber-secure

Enterprise Ecosystem

Cyber Observer automatically builds and assesses a security eco-system based on an enterprise's existing cybersecurity infrastructure. The platform continuously quantifies baseline security and vulnerability levels in various domains and customizes Critical Security Controls (CSCs) to ensure continuous and robust enterprise protection.

Real-Time Security Status

evaluation and alert

Once the existing cybersecurity eco-system is defined and in place, Cyber Observer monitors and delivers alerts regarding deviations, security breaches, potential risks and threats, in specific areas as they relate to other systems across an enterprise. Security status across an enterprise is quantified and presented in clear, easy-to-read data- isualiation views

Gain Comprehensive


To deliver on-going Cybersecurity program capabilities, Cyber Observer continuously monitors your cyber ecosystem while presenting real-time Coverage gap analysis. Coverage Gap analysis indicates and presents cybersecurity coverage gaps in currently deployed enterprise tools. The platform proactively provides a list of lacking security capabilities for optimal coverage recommended by the industry.

CyberObserver – Highlights

Time to Deploy : Up to 4 hours
Time to add new Tool : 1-2 hours
Deployment method : OVA
Real value Demonstrated : In hours

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