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Meet The Team


Lt Gen D.S Thakur

Principal Advisor

Retired as Deputy Chief of the Indian Army Staff in 2013, Lt. Gen Thakur brings a lot of experience and credibility and helping us further to expand in Defence Sector as a credible InfoSec partner.


Sachin Kumar

VP- Technology

Prior Experience with Verizon Communications and KPMG Associates as Information Security Specialist. Sachin has been involved in several projects with the Government as well as Private Enterprises.


Kunal Bajaj

Chief Business Officer

Prior Experience with Wipro Technologies as an Enterprise Consultant. Kunal was responsible for defining the IT Landscape and re-engineering systems and processes.


Mohit Mittal

VP- Consulting

Prior Experience with Samsung as Technical Manager. Mohit has specialty in Mobility Domain and worked with Large Enterprises.


Saurabh Seth

VP- Information Security

With more than 10+ years of experience in Information Security. Worked with Organizations like Concentrix, MSCI(Morgan Stanley capital International) and EXL Service in the past.


Rajesh Kumar

Business Development Manager

Prior Experience with Vcare Corporation as Senior Analyst. Rajesh has been involved in several Mobility, Software development & IT services projects. Has worked with private Enterprise and Government accounts.

Want to work with us ?

eSec Forte Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 | ISO 27001-2013 certified Global Consulting and IT Services company with expert offerings in Mobility Solutions, Corporate Training, Information Security, Enterprise Solutions, Information Technology Services.