Tenable.IO Vulnerability Management

Tenable.IO is the first Cyber Exposure platform to protect any asset on any computing platform

Tenable IO

Tenable IO provides you support with the development of the application, which further aids you in understanding your cloud’s security needs and also provides support with Tenable IO vulnerability management. There is no need to club all these applications as Tenable provides you an option to purchase these individually according to your needs.

In order to mitigate cybersecurity risks, companies around the world are not only relying on their IT team but are also taking help from the cyber experts Tenable. There are more than 20000 organizations around the globe today which are dependent upon them for their company’s data security.

Tenable IO

Features of Tenable IO

Tenable IO

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eSec Forte Technologies is an Cert-In Empanelled | CMMi Level 3 | ISO 9001:2008 | ISO 27001-2013 certified Cyber Security and IT Services Company, Having headquarters in Gurugram, Mumbai, Bangalore & Delhi – India. We are Value Added Partner of Tenable.

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Types of Tenable IO

Tenable IO Vulnerability Management

With the evolving IT scenario, organizations are also looking for enhanced vulnerability management tools. IT systems today are a mix of traditional and modern technology. The age-old scanning techniques are not suitable today and do not solve any purpose.

Organizations today are looking for asset-based vulnerability management tools that help in prioritizing vulnerabilities. They need something that can analyse and provide a quick resolution to the risk.

With the well-focused approach and streamlined task, Tenable IO provides you an enhanced vulnerability management application. It helps the security teams to improve their efficiency and aids them in prioritizing tasks. It uses algorithm-based models and provides information about the asset-based vulnerabilities.

Tenable IO Web Application Scanning

The development of complex web applications has increased the risk of cyber-attacks. Developers are designing applications that require enhanced monitoring to avoid any loopholes. One single security product is not enough to save this data which can be left in open and at an increased all-time risk.

Tenable IO web application scanning helps you understand the application and provides you a roadmap to go further in terms of data protection. It provides you complete web scanning of all your web applications and leaves no room for any manual scanning which might be in the virtue of missing out on something important. It provides you the maximum success ratio as compared to any other web scanning technology.

To enhance the performance of the web application, there are certain parts which are not deemed fit for scanning, Tenable IO web application scanning tool can easily differentiate between the two and excludes the ones which are not fit for scanning. It is completely automated and hardly requires any manual intervention. Tenable IO web application scanning not only provides you scanning support for modern applications but also supports you with traditional ones like HTML.

Container Security

With the advancement in container-based apps, the risk associated has also increased. Security teams in almost 75% of the organizations today are struggling to understand these container based-applications and to develop solutions to mitigate the risk involved.

The existing security patches and features are not enough for the container-based applications. Tenable IO provides the IT teams visibility into the blind spots which they might have missed and provides clear visibility of Docker container image, thus providing an insight into malware detection even before it is implemented. With pre-visibility, it becomes easier for the teams to work around a particular task and developers get a clear picture of what is required to create a shield against the detected malware.

With the ever evolving technology development today, Tenable IO container security helps you track down vulnerabilities proactively and helps you solve complex security challenges.

Tenable IO Dashboard



Provides you a pre-built integration for the supporting systems. Provides you with password protection services aligned with mobile device management

Tenable IO is the only asset-based application providing you a single license option. You can purchase various associated applications under one license

With a streamlined & well-defined interface, Tenable IO also provides you an in-application messaging tool to guide you through the process.

It puts the list of vulnerabilities in accordance with your needs. It prioritizes the vulnerabilities which demand resolution or have come up again

With the center-focused approach,  makes sure that you do not miss out even on the smallest risk and everything is under control when any vulnerability arises.

The main benefit of Tenable Io is it can be used on multiple enterprise platforms and by multiple users at the same time. It is accessible from multiple systems.

Why Tenable IO?

In depth Knowledge

Being developed by the leaders themselves Tenable IO provides you detailed knowledge about the issue, thereby aiding you in damage control.

Brand Assurance

Since this is developed by the trusted developers in the industry, you can be sure you are in safe hands. Your data will never be misused.

Cost Effective

Given the option of no additional costs for add on plug-ins, this is one the best cost effective tools.

Advanced Technology

Developed on the Nessus technology, this is by far the most advanced tool in its league with over 85000 plug-ins.

Integration Capabilities

Based on the technology it offers you the best integration options as compared to other vulnerability testing API’s.

Completely Automated

All the applications and support is completely automated reducing the risk of errors and any mismanagement.

How to buy Tenable IO

Apart from providing a 60 days free trial, Tenable IO is a subscription-based product and once activated it cannot be returned. The product can be purchased through the reliable and trusted value added partner Esec Forte, who is catering to 1000 plus organizations. Upon making the payment, an activation email is sent to your email id with a URL which leads you to a support portal from where you would get an activation code. The subscription is valid for a period of 1 year and needs to be renewed post expiration.

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