Core Impact - Penetration testing tool

Core Impact : exploit security weaknesses, increase productivity, and improve efficiencies.The most powerful exploitation tool available

core impact penetration testing tool

Core Impact Penetration testing tool

With the passing years and increasing technology demands, security industry has changed ten folds. There are various products being launched every now and then to address the increasing demand of the complex vulnerabilities. Enterprises are not only paying more attention towards their sensitive data security but are also looking out for ways and tools which can aid them and make them more productive.With this ever advancing technological scenario, one thing that has emerged as a winner is penetration testing and it has been widely accepted. Core Impact Penetration testing tool aids in performing penetration testing by providing controlled environment to ensure a defined concept is conceptualised. It not only provides protection but also increases the productivity of the team by elevating the quality.

What is Core Impact?

It is the most comprehensive tool used to validate and detect security flaws and errors within your organization systems. With the help of Core impact vulnerability scanner, you can create a copy of attacks that hamper your systems, applications, and data which further helps you in developing solutions for similar attacks.

Core Impact vulnerability scanner gives you complete visibility into your system scanner and provides you with complete data of where the higher risks can be present. This helps in designing the counter-attack mechanism.

Features of Core impact Vulnerability Scanner


In Core impact Vulnerability Scanner Multiple penetration testing can be done in the same environment across multiple copies. This helps in coming together to a common ground over impacted targets and networks.

Anticipate Attacks

It is capable to replicate attacks pattern and prepare you for future attacks and how to tackle them. When you have an idea about how the hackers can attack, it becomes very easy for the security teams to develop actions around it.

Customised Reporting

It provides you with detailed and customised reports which aid you in understanding the reoccurrences and develop remedies around it. It also helps you to maintain and comply with various government standards.


It ensures the vulnerabilities are removed completely and are not affecting the systems again. It runs the same set of scans over the same systems and applications to ensure vulnerabilities are removed completely.

Why core Impact over Other Penetration Testing Tools?

Listed below are the 3 reasons which give Core Impact an edge over its competitors:

  1. The first thing that one looks for in a penetration testing tool is how multi-faced it can be. Having a tool with a centralized toolset that can perform gathering scripts, assessing the data collected, and developing exploits, and finally creating reports is a must today. Because of these reasons only Core Impact is accepted across all functions as it comes packed with all.
  2. The other things enterprises look for in a penetration testing tool are customization and to what extent it can be customised as per the needs and requirements. Having a tool that allows you to add some custom modules and to run in a manner of your choice makes sense and this is why core impact is ahead of others.
  3. The third most important criteria will be it should be efficient and time-saving. Since this is completely automated it can perform the same tasks in no time which manual testers would perform in double time. This not only saves your time but also money which can be put to use for other security-related issues.

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Core Impact Vulnerability Scanner

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Benefits of Core Impact Penetration Testing tool

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner

Largest amount of Commercial Grade Exploits

It is the only testing tool which provides you vulnerability testing across all paths. It can be integrated with almost every exploit around including SCADA, Metasploit and the like.

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner

Automatic Pivot

It can automatically pivot across various applications, systems and data and reveal how vulnerabilities can enter into your system following a path.

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner

Privileged Access

It not only works towards revealing new vulnerabilities but also helps with the reoccurring ones. Core Impact can mimic the existing vulnerabilities and develop remedies around it before it causes any impacts.

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner

Time Saving

With core impact vulnerability scanning you can save time and perform scan across all systems without leaving a room for any left outs or errors.

Customer reviews

"eSec Forte is our standard. Whenever an cyber security services is needed, the answer is always, let's start with eSec Forte."

John McDonald
VP - Information Security

"There is absolutely no impact on the performance or usability of applications. I am very excited at how easy the solution is to deploy and always performed flawlessly. by eSec Forte"

Albert Avila, Business Solution specialist

What's new in Core Impact 18.1??

Core Impact

Dynamic Credential capturing

This eliminates the risk of web page cloning saving time and cost and doing much realistic web page rendering.

Core Impact

New Phishing Wizard

Earlier this was hidden under a pile and now this has been made visible separately.

tenable SecurityCenter

Auto Tagging and Updated Status

With this new feature, the test performed can be auto-tagged making it easier to be detected later for further testing.

tenable SecurityCenter

Re Designed Workflow

The new workflow allows much higher effectiveness and increases efficiency of testing.

Core Impact Pricing

Core Impact price is dependent upon the license you wish to choose as it gives you various options. The detailed structure can be availed through trusted partner eSec Forte Technologies who are well versed with all the data associated.

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