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Get the most out of Our Hands-On Session & Events

eSec Forte Technologies is a CMMI Level-3 ISO 9001-2008, 27001-2013 certified Global Consultation and Implementation firm, We believe in precision and quality above everything else. The areas of our expertise include Information Security and Cyber Security. Our success stories are translated in the form of positive testimonials from our growing list of clients.

Tramadol For Sale Online Uk, Tramadol Prescribed Online

“Cybersecurity & Agility with Network Security Policy Orchestration”


Henry Pea, Tufin SE Manager, APAC

Kindly Register for Tufin CONNECT to join senior network security professionals for an invitation-only dinner and in-depth conversation.

During this event, we’ll exchange ideas on how today’s organizations are leveraging security automation and orchestration to stay agile, secure, and compliant in the face of digital transformation.

Mumbai – 15th March, 2018 | Venue: Order Tramadol Fedex Overnight (Opp. Domestic Airport, Santacruz – East Mumbai 400099)

Delhi – 16th March, 2018 | Venue: Overnight Tramadol Visa (Bhikaji Cama Place, Ring Road New Delhi 110066)

Timings : 
04:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Register Today ! Save your Seat!


  • 4:00pm: Welcoming remarks & introductions
  • 4:15pm: Cybersecurity & Agility with Network Security Policy Orchestration presentation- Henry Pea, SE Manager | Tufin
  • 5:00pm: Cybersecurity Simplified-  Sachin Kumar, VP – Technology | eSec Forte  Technologies
  • 5:15pm: Tea/Coffee Break
  • 5:30pm: Live demo session
  • 6:30pm: Round table discussion and Q&A
  • 7:00pm: Cocktails/Dinner & Networking
  • 9:00pm: Program Conclusion

Note : This event requires registration & confirmation. Kindly Register by Filling up the Form!