NXSAM : Audit Life Cycle Management

NXSAM :Next Generation Security Auditing and Management Tool.

NxSAM (Next Generation Security Auditing and Management): Overview

NxSAM (Next Generation Security Audit and Management) is a Centralized Audit Management solution that enhances the efficiency and intelligence of the vulnerability life cycle management. It is a comprehensive security and audit management solution which enables organizations to track any vulnerability through all its audit stages right from discovery to closure.

Benefits of NxSAM

Automatically Creates Application

It automatically creates application-wise action items based on the security reports.

builds a consolidated list

It builds a consolidated list and statistics of security vulnerabilities with several data mining options.

Real-Time Status

It offers real-time status based on the actions taken by the application teams.

NxSAM Dashboard

NxSAM Pricing

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