Identity Management: Overview

eSec Forte’s identity management system helps organizations streamline the process of managing information used to identify users, control access, delegate administrative authority and determine user privileges. Our automated identity management system improves organizational flexibility, lowers operational costs and enhances business flexibility

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Identity Management: Challenges

The employees’, customers’, and contractors’ IT lifecycle is ever changing with their needs and responsibilities fluctuating often. Customer privileges can alter on the fly depending upon the account balance, membership level, credit rating calling for responsive identity management. Whenever employees are assigned new roles or transferred to another department, their access rights must be reviewed and updated according to their role and policies governing that role. Speed of privilege authorization and security policies are very critical to ensure smooth functioning of the organization.

How can we help?

We at eSecForte deliver an identity management system with the ability to create, modify
and enforce security policies. Our automated identity management system supports
information security audits, and our pre-defined reports allow users to view the security
activity and status of the organization. eSecForte’s identity and access management tools
enable organizations to define, create, implement, and automate information access control
and rights to ensure that only authorized users have access to the right data at the right time
for the right purpose.

Features of Identity Management

Identity Management
Safeguard Data and Applications

We at eSec Forte adopt Agile methodologies to effectively implement identity and access management solutions across your enterprise.

Operational Technology Security

Our team at eSec Forte strives to create an identity and access management program that can not only meet the current organizational needs but remains flexible to adapt to future requirements as the business scales and changes.

Identity Management
Broad Service Portfolio

We deliver solutions that cover all the aspects of your customer and workforce identity management program right from strategy to assessment to ensuring secure customer experiences.

Identity Management

Our identity management solution implement data analytics with SIEM to offer bundled reports along with predictive and descriptive analysis.

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Comprehensive Coverage

We at eSecForte offer solutions that are a one-stop shop for all your identity and access management requirements. Our solution will match with the client vision and strategy for all requirements.

Benefits of our Identity Management Solutions

Identity Management

5 W’s of Identity Management

1. What is the purpose of identity and access management?
The purpose of our identity and access management solution is to enhance the overall cybersecurity infrastructure of an organization. The objectives of identity management are to maintain integrity, confidentiality, and availability of system data.

2. What is the best practice you adopt for identity access management?
One primary identity access management best practice we adopt at eSecForte is to create a centralized system of visibility to enable businesses to gain perspective into the various access rights of the users.

3. What is the primary objective of your identity access management solution?
The primary objective of our identity access management solution is to ensure that only authenticated users gain access to specific applications, systems and IT environments.

4. What is the difference between identity and access management?
Identity management is used to authenticate the user while access management determines the attributes of the user to understand what his authorization is.

5. What are the 3 main types of access controls you implement in your solution?
The 3 main types of access controls we implement in our identity access management are Discretionary access, Role-based access and Mandatory access.