Vulnerability Management: Overview

eSec Forte’s vulnerability management solutions help to identify, manage and prioritize vulnerabilities that expose your mission critical assets. We perform completely managed vulnerability assessments at specific intervals to identify the vulnerabilities accurately and swiftly in your network and applications. eSec Forte has the vulnerability management tools to gain visibility and act on the vulnerabilities that impact your organization the most. We spot critical assets and vulnerabilities to quickly close the gaps.

Vulnerability Manangement

Vulnerability Management: Challenges

Digital revolution has brought with it many challenges to businesses along with the opportunities. Increase in the complexity of the environment increases exposure to cyberattacks, loss of sensitive data and security breach. Thousands of new vulnerabilities are reported annually along with the growing complexity of the organizational environment. The sheer volume of attacks demands the best-in-class vulnerability management solutions that deliver comprehensive services to support the entire vulnerability management lifecycle.

How can we help?

eSec Forte’s vulnerability testing  addresses these challenges in the following ways:
● We provide effective vulnerability management associated with critical business infrastructure.
● Our solutions have the ability to adapt to increase scale and complexity of the business environment.
● We offer integration of vulnerability management services with other security solutions.
● We deep dive into analysis of the key vulnerabilities along with primary threats and events.

Features of our Vulnerability Mangement

Vulnerability Manangement
Fundamental Scanning

Our vulnerability testing team at eSecForte identifies vulnerabilities that sensitive IT systems of an organization are exposed to. We offer continuous visibility into your cloud and on-premise environment to stay vigilant against attackers.

Vulnerability Manangement

We then validate all exploitable vulnerabilities to identify real risks. We eliminate false positives by prioritizing vulnerabilities based on severity, age, affected entities and availability of the fix

Vulnerability Manangement
Cyber Threat Intelligence

By gathering security information from various public and restricted sources, we analyze them to help customers predict future security attempts. Our cyber threat monitoring solutions help you to stay protected pre-emptively by accurately predicting attacks and preventing them before they occur

Vulnerability Manangement

We scan and identify all exposed end points of your office and remote devices. We perform random scanning and re-testing to ensure that all critical vulnerabilities are fixed through a remediation model

Vulnerability Manangement

We help your organization satisfy all regulatory compliance requirements around vulnerability management.

Vulnerability Manangement

We establish a vulnerability assessment program that integrates with other security programs and the overall risk management process of the organization

Benefits of our Vulnerability Management Solutions

5 W’s of Vulnerability Management

1. What is the difference between vulnerability scanning and malware scanning?
Vulnerability assessment scans and reports all access points for security breaches. Malware scanning, on the other hand, checks if your site is blocked for having malicious content. When you find and repair vulnerabilities on your website, you can detect potential breaches including malware.

2. How will vulnerability assessment affect my network?
Vulnerability assessments will enter your website to find all vulnerabilities. The scan may cause slight performance delays, but the risks are minor and vary from system to system.

3. What types of vulnerabilities will your vulnerability management solution detect?
Our vulnerability management solution detects all common vulnerabilities including outdated software, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and many more.

4. What are the various severity levels in vulnerability assessment?
The various severity levels depicted in the vulnerability testing results are Minimal, Medium, Serious, Critical and Urgent.

5. Does your vulnerability management system integrate with other applications?
Our vulnerability management software offers integration with most security applications, testing applications and other related software products