Threat Detection and Response: Overview

Our threat detection and response solution can offer essential support to your organization to enhance threat visibility and rapidly shut down cyber threats before they cause major damage. Our outcome-focused Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides the resources, technology and cyber intelligence required to search for and eliminate threats across your organization

Threat Detection

Threat Detection and Response: Challenges

Hackers today are designing sophisticated malware to attack business systems and cybercriminals are able to cleverly disguise their attacks through packing and encryption. Advanced malware can easily slip by traditional anti-virus software that cannot manage the constant inflow of ever-evolving threats. Borderless and hybrid business environments have made threat detection more challenging. Organizations need a holistic approach to security right from the network to the access point.

How can we help?

eSec Forte offers a comprehensive and powerful threat detection tool that can stop known
and new malware threats. Our skilled resources and automated processes can detect and
manage security breaches of any level. Our solutions help defend and protect enterprises through
advanced engineering, implementation and technology for effective threat detection. We implement
strategic planning and decision making by using the right tools and out threat intelligence is curated
from multiple data sources.

Features of our Threat Detection and Response

Threat Detection
Threat Detection and Response

Our threat detection and response team performs a detailed analysis of the cybersecurity environment that offers the operations team insights to manage and protect critical assets right from threat monitoring to assessment to remediation of critical incidents.

Threat Detection
Attack Management

We at eSec Forte proactively identify high priority threats, security issues, compliance adherence and design remediation measures through asset identification and vulnerability scanning.

Threat Detection
Threat Intelligence

We perform regular data collection, storage, and analytics as a part of our threat intelligence for everyday security operations, threat investigation and incident response.

Threat Detection
Threat Investigation

Our team at eSecForte implements high-end techniques to uncover undetected threats, investigate potential impact to accelerate the remediation efforts. Our experienced threat investigation team are always on the lookout for new attacks and identify them before they can cause damage.

Threat Detection
Data protection

Our threat detection solution include threat identification, and remediation that can cause intentional or accidental data deletion or misuse. We protect data that is exchanged in personal accounts or on the cloud

Benefits of our Threat Detection and Response Solutions

Threat Detection

5 W’s of Threat Detection and Response

1. Why must my enterprise consider threat detection and responses solutions?
Businesses must consider threat detection and response services designed for enterprises who wish to remain safe against cybersecurity attacks but do not have the time or resources for the same.

2. Do I need it even if I have a firewall?
Firewalls are barriers and form a part of a robust cybersecurity strategy but by themselves are not the best form of defense as most hackers can get around firewalls. An organization requires a strong threat defense and response system to achieve maximum protection against all threats.

3. What types of threats can your threat detection and response system detect?
Our solution can detect common threats, targeted threats, and insider threats.

4. How can your solution help my organization?
Your organization can do 24/7 security monitoring through our solution along with incident response, threat hunting, and remediation.

5. What do you do when a threat is detected?
When our testing team at eSec Forte detects a threat, it immediately begins the mitigation efforts needed to neutralize it before it can exploit any vulnerabilities.