BPM 2022

The idea of Security consolidation is emerging post covid pandemic, where one or more security providers are combining and integrating security capabilities and controls to reduce the complexity, divergence, and efforts required to manage the security. Although the security attack ecosystem is advancing to launch concerted, coordinated, and planetary-scale campaigns, some attacks are crafted specially to target a particular sector or organization. The approaches and pace of digitization are varied across the industries. They also carry their unique legacy with them. Security in the last five years is stemmed from specific requirements, challenges, and use cases, demanding innovative solutions to solve them. Security stacks are more diverse now and proving complex to manage. The call for security consolidation is gaining momentum on this backdrop.

Enterprises are actively exploring the benefits of security consolidation as it may have fewer security tools and vendors to reduce management overhead Moreover, replacing several tools over a single platform reduce the number of blind spots, complexities, and gaps. On the contrary, it also creates a conflict between consolidation and best of breed strategies The drive for consolidation makes CISOs move away from the best of breed security solution, potentially depriving them of the benefits of security innovation One needs out of box thinking and novel ideas to counter advancing and fast adapting attack ecosystem

Continuing the tradition of theme based deliberations, BPM 2022 would deliberate, debate, and contest the ideas of security consolidation and innovation

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