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Find and prioritize web application vulnerabilities. Automate dynamic web application testing across a software portfolio.


Microfocus WebInspect Tool


Microfocus WebInspect tool is one of the most advanced and leading security assessment tools designed to analyse all the applications and services for any security flaws and breaches. It allows wide spread coverage advanced scanning, exhaustive knowledge and to the point results. Microfocus WebInspect is the most important part of the security testing technology and any testing cannot be completed without it.

Microfocus WebInspect application tool helps in identification of known and unknown vulnerabilities within the Web application layer. It also helps in ensuring that the web servers installed are configured properly and counter attacks mechanisms are in place.

How it works?

The working of Web inspect is very simple and has been broken down into 4 points:

1. Drill Down

Web inspect tool is an automated testing tool which helps in discovering configuration issues. It also aids to identify and prioritize security flaws in the active applications. It can easily replicate the real hacking techniques used by real life hackers and provides complete analysis of web applications and services. WebInspect tools dashboard and reports provide complete visibility and risk factor associated to organizations.

2. Inside Context

Microfocus WebInspect gives you control over observations to reactions of applications at the code level conducted during scanning. It also helps in web page crawling and identification of applications to expand the coverage to attack and provide traces to confirm the identified vulnerabilities are correct.

3. Reports to be Actioned

Microfocus webInspect tool helps in creating exhaustive and quantifiable reports which are at par with business requirements. The responses are highlighted so that immediate attention is given to the attacks and flaws which are reported. The entire process can be easily repeated and retesting can be performed for the entire site, for a single flaw or only for vulnerabilities. Apart from this the result of the two scans can also be compared to further understand the difference or any combination.

4. Workflow Customization

The security intelligence of the enterprise can be centralised using WebInspect tool which further aids in in-depth understanding of the security risks of the organization. It provides you the ability and leverage to manage and view the security portfolio of the organization and track vulnerabilities and develop and confirm actions against it. It further allows you to view progress of the trends detected.

To put the complete process in a much simplified manner, following is the process:

To start a scan using WebInspect vulnerability scanner, start Web Inspect and New File. By doing so scan wizard will open and you can select the type of scan that you need to conduct.

On the right hand side in the scan wizard the list of recently conducted scans and the ones scheduled will be displayed.  Any scan can be scheduled as per your specific timings. After you select the website scan you will be routed to the scan window where the name of the scan being conducted needs to be entered. After this crawl and audit needs to be selected for the scan to begin.

Following are the type of scans available:

Standard scan: Commonly used scan.

List Driven scan: Customized scan based on the URL.

 Workflow Driven scan: Specific part of the website can be scanned instead of the complete site.

Manual scan: Step mode manual scan depending on the site specified.

WebInspect Features :

Application Security

Increased modern Coverage

With so many scanners available in the market what gives webInspect tool an edge is the advanced technology it comes with. It allows you to access and scan the entire website irrespective of the system architecture or platform.

Application Security

Improved Security Knowledge

Given WebInspect scanner’s advanced knowledge, it delivers fast and scalable results which can be further communicated.

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner


It ensures compliance with the entire legal and regulatory standard without compromising on the results.

Arxan Application Protection

Advanced Research Group

WebInspect tool is backed by a well-researched team that keeps an eye on regular updates and new regulations coming into the market which are further automatically updated.

WebInspect Dashboard

HP WebInspect Automated dynamic application security testing (DAST)

WebInspect Automated Dynamic Scans

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eSec Forte Technologies is an Cert-In Empanelled | CMMi Level 3 | ISO 9001:2008 | ISO 27001-2013 certified Cyber Security and IT Services Company, Having headquarters in Gurugram, Mumbai, Bangalore & Delhi – India. We are Value Added Partner of Microfocus WebInspect

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Microfocus WebInspect Benefits:

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner

Advanced Technology

WebInspect tool provides scripting technology at the client-end to analyse flash, etc. It further helps in faster scans and crawl. It also provides macro recording option to make handling issues flexible and effectively manage complex situations.

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner

Simple Use

In spite of all the technological advances the WebInspect scanner is very easy to use and requires minimal configuration and changes.

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner

Web service Security Testing

It supports automatic testing of embedded modules and also supports testing of advanced WSDLs.

Netsparker web vulnerability scanner

Review of vulnerabilities

The interactive reviews enable the users to interact with the results and give a detailed view of vulnerabilities and the remedies which can be put into place.

Customer reviews

"eSec Forte is our standard. Whenever an cyber security services is needed, the answer is always, let's start with eSec Forte."

John McDonald
VP - Information Security

"There is absolutely no impact on the performance or usability of applications. I am very excited at how easy the solution is to deploy and always performed flawlessly. by eSec Forte"

Albert Avila, Business Solution specialist

Why Web inspect for Application Security?

Core Impact

1. As compared to its peers, WebInspect tools provides integration with almost very platform irrespective of the model it is based on. The websites can be integrated easily.

Core Impact

Due to its advanced applications and scanning tools, the scanning job can be completed in no time, thereby saving time of the professional, which can be further utilised elsewhere.

Core Impact

It not only simulates the attacks but also shows you the results and gives a detailed result with remedies.

Core Impact

The vulnerability scanner is not dependent on the language on which the website or application is based.

Microfocus WebInspect Pricing

Microfocus WebInspect pricing is pre-defined based on the licensing and the applications received. It is bifurcates based on the named user and concurrent user and can be availed through their valued channel partner eSec Forte Technologies. Based on the requirements their partner will provide you with the detailed pricing structure and the packages which come along.

We are headquartered in Gurugram, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore  – India. Contact our sales team @ +91 124-4264666 you can also Drop us email at contact@esecforte.com .

Microfocus WebInspect Training

eSec Forte provide complete WebInspect training on the tools and also provide troubleshooting, if any. They are available 24*7 for any support that may be needed. A special training can be conducted for the corporates and small batches which require training and support about the features and tools it comes with.

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