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Digital guardian DLP (Data Loss Prevention): Overview

Having your enterprise data compromised is something which is not in your hands but not to lose that data is in your control. Digital guardian DLP provides you everything that is needed to ensure the sensitive data of your organization is not lost. It gives you complete control, deep dive visibility and data loss protection coverage to ensure the data is safe.

The high-end technology ensures the data is captured and recorded across all systems – be it on or off network. It can be automatically set to detect and block any suspicious activity before the data is lost. The data loss risk at the end point can be mitigated with this.

Features of Digital Guardian DLP

Complete Visibility and Control

Complete Visibility and Control

Digital Guardian provides full control and complete visibility of data across all systems. It aids the technology team in getting live reports and any change into data security.

Monitoring of Traffic

Monitoring of Traffic

It is supported by Code Green Network monitoring software and all the policies are designed in such a manner that they can block or reroute traffic along with encryption.

Whitelisting of Application

Whitelisting of Application

For all the threats which crosses the last level of security, whitelisting software are used for them, which can be extremely exhaustive for an employee to monitor. Digital Guardian helps in supporting such events by providing agent- based support and ensures the software is running as soon as it is deployed.

Event Level Information

Event Level Information

The comprehensive and advanced level tracking ensures data is monitored at a data, user and system level, thereby allowing effective visibility to sensitive data.

DLP Digital guardian Platforms

End Point DLP

Like the name suggests, end point DLP provides complete and comprehensive coverage of your data. The exhaustive solution offers complete visibility to data across all the systems in order to develop solutions accordingly. Everything is done under the same cloud system hosting all the applications. It detects all the threats and blocks them in order to concentrate on the ones which are actually important and can hamper the systems adversely.

Data Discovery

Data discovery is a process used to understand and detect patterns based on analytics and apply guided analytics further for protection. With the help of data preparation and data integration, organizations can connect to various data sources externally. Data discovery not only provides solutions but also supports in understanding various complex algorithms in order to develop solutions around them.

Network DLP

Digital guardian network DLP reduces the risk of data loss to a huge extent as it supports compliance and also monitors and controls the flow of information across the network. It is so easy to install that it hardly takes few hours to provide complete protection to the sensitive data. Once installed it does not even require any administration as it is capable to work on its own.

Data Classification

It is a model which ensures data is classified and marked according to the relevance, which further aids in effective protection. It not only makes it easier to understand data across all functions but also helps in prioritizing it as per the urgency. The tagging involved helps in reducing data duplication and also saves time while searching.

Cloud Data Protection

It is a data protection model which ensures security of all the data across the cloud -be it moving, stored or live. It eliminates any risk of data forgery and ensures the data is kept as it is. It also provides data logs for all kinds of data and all the events are recorded.

End Point Detection and Response

This being a relatively new solution category for data protection, it focuses on detecting data breach on end point. It is helpful in doing continuous monitoring of data and provides responses to threats. It is a form of an advanced data threat protection.

Benefits of Digital Guardian DLP:

Automated Control

Automated Control

Digital Guardian provides complete automated control to all information and can block, encrypt or move files automatically when required.

Need based Usage

Need based Usage

It does not block any action if it is fully compliant with the existing policies. It minimizes risks by blocking only that data which poses as threat.

Data Categorization

Data Categorization

Digital Guardian provides the ability to categorize data based on the priority and can easily differentiate between personal and professional data.

Complete Coverage

Complete Coverage

Digital guardian software provides complete coverage across all operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac irrespective of the origin of the data.

Why you need data loss prevention?

  • DLP is required to have a complete automated set up of your data across functions. It can significantly reduce the expenses which are incurred towards setting up remedies for sensitive data breach.
  • With so many cyber threats and attacks, the sensitive data of the organization cannot be compromised as it may result in complete shutdown of business. DLP helps in transporting data to a safe and protected location, if found to be in an unprotected one.
  • It eliminates any manual interventions which are prone to risks. The system being completely automated, DLP removes any risk of breach ensuring your sensitive data is completely safe.

Why Digital Guardian?

DLP digital guardian is one of the best solutions available in the market today providing all-round protection. It not only provides visibility but also provides end point visibility into threats. Digital Guardian software’s real time analytics provide flexible control over data events and develops features based on the requirement. Digital Guardian data loss prevention provides complete control and visibility irrespective of what the users are using and whether they are on network or not.

Digital Guardian Pricing

DLP can be purchased from its verified and trusted vendors Digital Guardian who have been pioneers in the industry. Its pricing is basically divided into three models and they will be able to assist you with the detailed structure which is basically divided into 3 models:

  1. Perpetual Licence: It requires the customer to pay at the time of purchasing the software.
  1. Subscription Based: Under this model customers are supposed to pay a monthly based fee and this is accessed over the internet.
  2. Commercial: Under this pricing model you can own the software free of cost but will be on your own from there. No back up support will be provided.

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