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Forcepoint DLP: Overview


Data loss prevention or DLP as it is known is a way of preventing loss of data that is critical to a company. It is a strategy or a process that identifies confidential data, tracks that data as it moves in and out of the enterprise and prevents unauthorized sharing or copying of data by creating and enforcing disclosure rules

Forcepoint DLP Advantage


Pre-defined Policy Templates

Detect and protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII), industry data and intellectual property with policy templates for specific industries and regulations from over 60 countries worldwide.


Advanced detection

Detect critical data inside images with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), cumulative data transmission activity over time-to-data leakage fragments (“Drip-DLP” analysis), and indicators of compromise leading to data theft.


Integrate Data Protection & Insider Threat Security

Include data awareness into Forcepoint Insider Threat to automatically detect high risk individuals and orchestrate the investigation of accidental, compromised and malicious users.


Incident Risk Ranking (IRR)

Focus response teams on areas of greatest risk by applying behavioral analytics and machine learning to cluster DLP incidents in order of business risk.


Office 365 Support

Extend enterprise DLP policies and enforcement across O365 applications, with flexible deployment options including on-premise and Microsoft Azure.


Integrated incident workflow

Resolve DLP incidents faster with review and remediation – either via email or directly within the Forcepoint Security Manager.

Forcepoint DLP : Benefits

Fast Track Compliance

Templates, guided workflows and reports for specific industries and regulations from over 60 countries worldwide.

Confidently Secure Cloud Applications

Extend data protection to cloud applications like Office 365, Box and more

Complete Data Protection Across Endpoints, Networks and Cloud Apps

Unified data policies applied wherever people create and interact with data

Automate Your Data Protection Program

Advanced analytics and risk scoring put the focus on your greatest threats and incident orchestration accelerates the response

Forcepoint DLP Pricing

Its cost is dependent upon the license you wish to choose as it gives you various options. The detailed  price structure can be availed through Value Added Distributor eSec Forte Technologies who are well versed with all the data associated.

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