Tenable SecurityCenter

Tenable SecurityCenter evaluates the vulnerability data across the organization.

tenable SecurityCenter

Tenable SecurityCenter

Tenable securitycenter is the one point solution for all your security concerns under one roof. It provides vulnerability assessment and management across all your enterprise IT infrastructure and provides you a clear factual database to aid you in developing solutions.

Tenable securitycenter gives you crystal clear insights into your IT system and consolidates data and vulnerabilities across all the platforms, prioritises risks across all functions so that the overall risk can be assessed and solutions can be developed based on the complexities.

Its comprehensive structure gathers data across all the platforms, provides you a live trend of the risks associated and gives you solutions of developing actions based on it.

SecurityCenter Architecture

Virtualized Environments

It is suited for any virtual management is pre-packed with VMimage ware supported on Nessus platform.

Single Server Architecture

This is best suited for small server based models where all vulnerabilities’ management can be programmed on a single server.

Multiple Scanner Architecture

Providing an expansion to the above setup, multiple Nessus and PVS statements can be added to provide added benefits.

Multiple Security Center Architecture

The main benefit of security center is the option where it can run multiple security center in a distributed architecture and the data from all can be clubbed for analysis.

What Solution SecurityCenter Provides?

tenable SecurityCenter


It gathers information across all enterprises and consolidates data from all the vulnerabilities. With the help of Assurance Report Cards, it evaluates the effectiveness of the security programmes installed.


Regulatory and Compliance

It provides pre-installed checks based on various compliance standards such as CIS, DISA STIG, and SCAP etc. Due to its proactive approach, it becomes very easy to keep a check on all the compliance issues and remain up to date.

tenable SecurityCenter


Based on the data input, tenable securitycenter provides notifications and alerts the user of any vulnerability arising. It provides an auto alert in case of any risk visible in order to promptly work around a solution.

focused approach


When new vulnerabilities are developed, it groups them based on the similarities and provides a real time view of it. It also provides you with a detailed view of newly developed vulnerabilities and how many resources are affected with it. It is fast paced action.

single license


With the help of advanced technology, tenable securitycenter provides various comprehensive & customisable reports and dashboards based on HTML5. This further aids IT security teams to analyse the risks and develop actions around them to reduce & mitigate the risks.

tenable SecurityCenter


With various integrations options provided, it is very easy to integrate various patch management tools, which further aids you in threat management. Integration provides you value added features, which further improves visibility of various vulnerabilities.

Features of Tenable Securitycenter

tenable SecurityCenter

Assurance Report Cards

It provides visibility to higher management about the security measures being taken so that they can have a clear picture about what is being done about the risk involved. The data being present is factual and measured.

tenable SecurityCenter

Critical Cyber Controls

This measures the top five security threats to the organization and keeps a complete tab on their activity to safeguard against these.

tenable SecurityCenter

Dashboard Reports

Tenable securitycenter provides dashboard reports to the customers daily and this does not require any downloading and storage as they are easily accessible anytime.

tenable SecurityCenter

Improved Search

With advanced technology, it is possible to store data and maintain a record file for further research and analysis.

NXSAM - tracking

Advanced Analytics

The data provided is backed by analytics in such a way that it becomes very easy to action based on the priorities of the risks evolved.

tenable SecurityCenter


The dashboard reports being generated are extremely customisable and can be developed according to the organization’s needs and requirements.

SecurityCenter Dashboard

tenable SecurityCenter

Tenable SecurityCenter Video

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tenable SecurityCenter

Helps you Stay Up to Date

With the round the clock working research teams, it is very easy to stay up to date with the industry information and have a security shield around your network.

single license

Easy assessment of weaknesses

Any weakness arising can be easily assessed for any known or unknown vulnerabilities and the actions can be developed by the tenable network security accordingly.

tenable SecurityCenter

It provides compliance assurance

Tenable securitycenter provides compliance assurance across all assets and standards. It makes sure all the IT policies are up to date with the compliance.

focused approach

Patch management assessment

Patch management assessment is done based on the vulnerability trends and data is analysed over time to understand how it works.


Quick Alerts and Notifications

Immediate alerts and notifications are sent out for any new changes or developments in the configurations. The actions are completely automated, thereby saving time of action.

tenable SecurityCenter

Security Positioning

The security positioning is well measured and calculative and based on the requirements of the organization.

Customer reviews

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John McDonald
VP - Information Security

"There is absolutely no impact on the performance or usability of applications. I am very excited at how easy the solution is to deploy and always performed flawlessly. by eSec Forte"

Albert Avila, Business Solution specialist

Why SecurityCenter?

tenable SecurityCenter

Broad Coverage

The network security of the tenable securitycenter provides broad level coverage to all your operating systems and applications and virtual as well as cloud infrastructure.

tenable SecurityCenter

Cumulative Results

The data gathered from all the cumulative Nessus databases can be consolidated together and one single report can be developed to provide remedies.

tenable SecurityCenter

Preferred Workflow

In spite of being completely automated the security center allows you to design the workflow based on your preferences - either manual or automated. The actions and alerts can also be controlled based on your preferences, even over emails.

tenable SecurityCenter

Grouped Assets

The assets can be grouped in the tenable network security based on the classification provided, which further aids in developing actions accordingly.

tenable SecurityCenter

Role Based Access Control

Tenable securitycenter aids the organizations which are working on a multi-modal structure and distributes the access based on the geographical structure.

tenable SecurityCenter

Agent Based Workflow

The organizations which outsource their security management has an added advantage with tenable securitycenter, as it provides agents for maintaining the workflow.

SecurityCenter Pricing

SecurityCenter is available for purchase for all new and existing customers. Customers can reach out to trusted partners eSec Forte and can purchase an annual licence. The tenable securitycenter pricing depends upon the software you are choosing.

SecurityCenter Training

Trusted partner eSec Forte provides various training options to professionals and corporates. They provide on-demand training, instructor-based courses, and online courses and customised educations programmes. Post completion of the courses, you also get a completion certificate.

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