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Drona Kiosk: Overview

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The Drona Kiosk is an innovative and revolutionary device that aims to transform the way we work and interact. This remarkable standalone device is specifically designed to cater to all your detection and scanning needs, including scanning devices such as hard disks, pen drives, and removable media for malware and other threats.

The user-friendly design of Drona kiosk enables both frontline and non-forensic investigative users to capture and examine data from various digital devices, including computers and external storage media easily and efficiently. Additionally, its high-performance computing platform ensures swift and thorough review of results.

Experience the future of work and interaction with Drona Kiosk. Embrace the convenience, security, and efficiency it brings to your everyday life.

Drona Kiosk Specifications

5.5ft Metallic Compact Kiosk system chassis

18.5`` LED with Ten-point Capacitive Touch Screen for smooth runctionality

Powered by a decent Dual Core CPU with 4GB of memory along with 128GB of SSD Storage

Wireless Keyboard and mouse placed on a dedicated tray

Multi-port USB connections (Type-C, Micro USB, Lightning USB for connecting multiple mobile devices for virus scanning

Total Security antivirus software solution

Built-in Wi-Fi functionality

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