Network Security: Overview

eSec Forte offers a comprehensive network security solution that safeguards networks of IT organizations, big and small. We understand the potential entry points of attackers and devise a solution that can safeguard your networks and detect threats before breaches occur. eSec Forte protects businesses from potential disruptions, heavy fines, and loss of reputation due to network attacks by keeping networks functioning properly

Network Security

Network Security: Challenges

Challenges are management of network and security in an infrastructure that is scalable, achieving advanced threat prevention to secure 5G and IoT mobile networks, delivering consistent network protection across all locations, staying prepared for unknown network threats, and getting complete visibility across multiple deployments points in the network.

How can we help?

Our network security solutions at eSec Forte helps you secure all the networks in your enterprise
from a centralized location through next-generation firewall security protection. Our comprehensive
industry-specific solutions make effective use of your resources so adapt to your evolving network speeds
and capabilities. We at eSec Forte implement AI and machine learning to block advanced phishing attacks,
malware and threats. Our network security include:
● Network defense, monitoring, policy implementation and intrusion detection.
● Anti-phishing testing, training, education, threat detection and implementation of remedial measures.
● Internal and external scans, application testing, threat analysis and reporting.
● Design of entire network security layout and architecture.
● Managing network forensics, investigation, incidents response and malware analysis.

Features of our Network Security Services

Network Security
Firewall Security

Firewalls act as a barrier between your trusted network and outside untrusted networks. We deploy next-generation, threat-focused firewalls that have defined rules to block unwanted traffic.

Network Security
Email Security

We understand that emails are the primary gateways for security breaches and phishing campaigns. Our solution includes an email security application that blocks incoming attacks and prevents loss of sensitive data through controlled outbound messages.

Network Security
Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

Our tools comprise of the best antimalware program that scans for malware, viruses, trojans, worms and ransomware and spyware. They scan them upon entry, continuously track data for anomalies and fix the damage

Network Security
Network Segmentation

We perform software defined network segmentation that makes enforcing securities polices easier. Segmentation is typically done on IP addresses and endpoints where the right level of access rights are given to the right people based on location and role to prevent suspicious activities.

Network Security
Data Access Control

Our team at eSec Forte offers VPN security as a part of network security. We implement secure socket layers for remote access VPN to authenticate communication between your network and the devices.

Benefits of our Network Security Solutions

5 W’s of Network Security

1. How does your network security solution work?
Our solution combines several layers of defenses in a network. Each security layer implements certain policies and controls. Our solution helps authorized users obtain access to network resources and malicious users are blocked.

2. How can my business benefit?
With digitization of data and communication, every organization that delivers services to its customers needs to ensure the security of its network. It not only ensures protection of critical data but also company reputation.

3. What are the different types of network security that you provide?
Our services include Firewall security, Email security, Anti-virus software, Access control, VPN security, and wireless security.

4. What are the main features?
The main features of effective network security software are Identity of users, data privacy, security monitoring and policy management.

5. What are the main reasons that result in network security problems?
The main reasons for problems arising are unknown users, abuse of user privileges, lack of deep defense, unmonitored security vulnerabilities, and inadequate security management.