Rapid7- Launches Incident Response Services

Rapid7- Launches Incident Response Services

Rapid7 Launches Incident Response Services to Help Organizations Respond Confidently to Advanced Attacks

Rapid7 provides world-class expertise to improve incident response planning and manage breach investigations.

Program Development

Effective response planning can help an organization to be more proficient at threat detection and increase readiness to respond to security incidents. Response Program Development starts with a detailed evaluation of the current state of an organization’s threat detection and  program against Rapid7’s best practices and understanding of current attacker methodology. The resulting scorecard provides the foundation for creating a new plan that includes guidance on preparation, anomalous behavior detection, incident management, technical response, and communications plans. To reinforce the guidance, Rapid7 experts perform threat simulation sessions where the incident response team works through real breach scenarios, coordinate technical response activities, identify key sources of evidence, perform mock communications, and make recommendations for customers to prioritize cleanup and recovery. At the end of the engagement, organizations have the foundation for a sustainable investment across all three critical vectors of people, processes, and technology to minimize exposure in the event of a breach.

Incident Response Services

When a security incident occurs, speed is of the essence. Rapid7 Services gives customers access to the critical expertise and technology needed to accelerate incident investigation and containment. The Rapid7  team is composed of industry-leading experts with an average of 15 years of experience investigating breaches of all sizes and across many industries. The teams have extensive experience in network analysis, forensics, and malware analysis, and are assisted by Rapid7’s unique technology assets. Rapid7 teams will work with in-house teams to scope the incident and focus on identifying all attacker remote access capabilities, restoring prioritized business processes and systems, and securing all compromised user accounts.

To complement its world-class  Services, Rapid7 offers a retainer-based offering to ensure availability of resources to respond to breaches. Rapid7 goes beyond traditional retainers by delivering a threat readiness assessment where our experts evaluate key areas of threat detection and incident response capabilities and establish breach response processes. Additionally, Rapid7 offers customers the ability to convert a portion of their unused pre-purchased hours to drive improvements in any aspect of their security program.

eSec Forte Technologies is the sole distributors partners of Rapid7 in Indian Sub-continent.

Rapid7 Incident Response Program Development and Incident Response Services are available immediately.  Press Release

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