Threat Intelligence: Overview

eSec Forte’s threat intelligence solutions surround and protect your entire company architecture including the core and the cloud from attackers and mitigate threats when they emerge. The cyber threat intelligence experts at eSec Forte have a deep understanding of the global threat landscape, latest threat trends and strategies to thwart them. eSec Forte’s threat intelligence solutions collect the required information to detect, assess, and defend organizations against cyber threats.

Threat intelligence

Threat Intelligence: Challenges

There has been a huge surge in cybersecurity threats in the recent time. Malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, data breach and many such threats are increasing in both sophistication and volume. The reasons for these are the decentralized data systems that make enterprises more vulnerable to cyber criminals. The challenge here is to transform all the threat intelligence on cyber threats into effective protection for the organization

How can we help?

eSecForte’s threat Intelligence solution leverages constantly updated cyber threat
information through rigorous analysis by our experts using analytics, AI and automation. It
can detect threats quickly, accurately to deliver early warnings, alerts and recommend
actions for the end-users to respond to such threats. Out threat intelligence gives you
access to complete and current threat information from various sources, specialized
intelligence, industry-specific cybersecurity expertise and personalized solution

Features of our Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence
Continuous Data Feeds

Our threat intelligence solution help you enhance your existing security controls through our up-to-the minute generation of actionable cyberthreat data and insights

Threat intelligence
Threat Analytics

Our team at eSecForte leverages advanced analytical capabilities to enhance security operation workflows and strengthen the threat intelligence platform

Threat intelligence
Intelligent Reporting

Our cyber threat intelligence solutions deliver proactive access to the most recent investigations and insights disclosing the latest tactics, methods and tools used by fraudsters

Threat intelligence
Global Visibility

Our threat intelligence team performs real-time search of all the threat data collected, analyzed and categorized offering a comprehensive, global visibility into various threats and their relationships.

Threat intelligence
In-depth Reporting

We at eSec Forte offer in-depth threat intelligence on all cyberthreats and vulnerabilities impacting businesses, their products and underlying technologies. We generate reports that help stakeholders to address and mitigate the security threats of the enterprise

Benefits of our Threat Intelligence Solutions

5 W’s of Threat Intelligence

1. What does threat intelligence do?
Cyber threat intelligence is the information a company uses to understand the impending threats that are targeting them. This information is used to prepare, identify and prevent cyber threats.

2. How does your cyber threat intelligence work?
Our cyber threat intelligence paints an overall picture of the intent of malicious threats including the attackers and tools through identification of patterns, trends and risks to aid in timely warnings.

3. What are the main types of threat intelligence?
The main types of threat intelligence are tactical, strategic, technical and operational.

4. What are the main sources of threat intelligence your solutions rely upon?
We derive threat intelligence from external sources through information sharing and communication among groups or from internal sources such as organization’s logs or SIEM (Security information and Event Management).

5. How do your threat intelligence tools work?
Our threat intelligence tools are critical security tools that leverage global data to proactively identify, mitigate and remediate new and evolving security threats.