Penetration Testing: Overview

Our penetration testing team has decades of expertise in protecting critical applications, networks, and systems around the globe. We understand what kind of threats impact your environment and devise a customized, tailored approach to mitigate them using the latest techniques and procedure

Penetration Testing Security

Penetration Testing: Challenges

Even in the most sophisticated security systems, 90% of cyber attacks are caused due to human errors. Security misconfigurations that occur in any level of the application stack are the easy targets of modern hackers. Simple attacks have evolved into data thefts, phishing attacks, theft, fraud, and other advanced attacks. Some vulnerabilities cannot be detected by automated software tools.

How can we help?

We at eSec Forte, one of the top penetration testing companies, perform pen testing to
identify and explore vulnerabilities that evade regular automated testing assessments. Our
security penetration testing solutions enable you to understand and significantly reduce your
organization’s security risk. The primary objective of our penetration testing solutions is to
identify and catch threats during the scanning phase and investigate other avenues of
penetration. We specialize in penetration testing for web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps,
APIs and networks.

Features of our Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Security

Our pen testing solution includes defining the internal and external intruder model along with the rights and privileges. We define goals, data, scope of work, target environment, testing methodology and communication procedures.

Penetration Testing Security

In this phase, our testing team performs identification through specific tools. Vulnerabilities are detected and eliminated to avoid unauthorized access. We also test any compromised systems to avoid any further invasion.

Penetration Testing Security

Once we perform detailed testing, we analyze the test results and generate reports with recommendations for reducing further risks. Reporting helps to visually demonstrate the damage that can be done to the system by an intruder.

Penetration Testing Security
Compliance with security policies

We leverage the latest tools and industry scenarios to pinpoint flaws, system vulnerabilities, configuration loopholes, and non-compliance with security policies.

Benefits of our Penetration Testing Solutions

5 W’s of Penetration Testing

1. Why do I need a penetration test?
Partnering with a reputed pen testing firm can improve your business security, maintain good reputation with the customers and understand the mindset of an attacker.

2. How often does my company need to do penetration testing?
Companies must adapt penetration testing as their security best practice as it is the best way to check the security of all processes and departments. You will also need to perform penetration testing when you are changing network configuration, installing new hardware, shifting data centers or moving data storage to a cloud.

3. What different kinds of penetration testing do you perform?
We perform web penetration testing, network penetration testing, mobile penetration testing and remote access security testing and physical security testing.

4. What questions do you address before beginning penetration testing?
The questions our team addresses before beginning penetration testing are whether the organization has the resources for testing, what are the compliance requirements, what are the security incidents, and what does the company wishes to find out from testing?

5. What are the steps followed in your penetration testing life cycle?
The steps we follow in our penetration testing life cycle at eSecForte are Scheduling the test, Test preparation, performing automated or manual testing, Reporting, Remediation, and Re-Testing if needed