Mobile Security: Overview

eSec Forte’s mobile security solutions provide effective protection against all threats against mobile devices. We deploy leading detection engines in the industry to prevent new threats from entering our mobile network and gaining access to sensitive data. We proactively protect devices by blocking malware through advanced analytics, inspection, and real-time threat intelligence.

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Mobile Security: Challenges

Modern businesses are heavily relying on mobile platforms to interact with their customers and do business. But along with the design and functionality of the mobile apps, security is overlooked most of the time. Mobile applications are greatly vulnerable to malicious attacks and new threats every day. These attacks can cause severe financial losses to firms and damage to reputation. Our experts at eSec Forte with their extensive experience in mobile application security testing software have protected the mobile networks of leading organizations in various industries.

How can we help?

We at eSec Forte specialize in securing mobile applications and devices on all platforms including iOS, Android,
Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. Whether your enterprise is building applications for personal use, or on
government or corporate-issued mobile devices, or for an independent software vendor, eSec Forte ensures that
your mobile deployment meets and exceeds all security protocols and requirements. We perform a complete
analysis of the client-side applications and audit of server-side applications in accordance with industry
security standards and best practices. Our software is designed to identify all vulnerabilities, offer
recommendations on reducing exposure to better secure your mobile devices and protect its data.
● Mobile code and application assessment
● Ethical hacking mobile devices and applications to identify threats
● Mobile device architectural security
● Security analysis of client-side mobile applications
● Security analysis of server-side mobile applications.

Features of our Mobile Security

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Mobile Architecture Security

Our team at eSec Forte first understands the anticipated threats in the operating environment and the architecture of the mobile device and the application. Based on this analysis, we design and implement robust, resilient security systems that can defend against any threats

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Mobile Code and Application Security

We perform both static and dynamic analysis of the application source code and run-time code. We evaluate the local data storage and the application environment and subject it to similar techniques used by hackers such as unlocking, jail-breaking, network hijacking and so on.

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Compliance check of server side applications

Our team at eSec Forte conducts both gray-box and white-box security assessments and monitors the server side apps for compliance with industry standards and best practices.

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Mobile Access Point Security

We empower our clients to secure their mobile access points to help employees access sensitive data securely. Our enterprise ready mobile security solution integrates with all platforms and can be deployed on-premise and on the cloud

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Comprehensive Protection

We offer a unified solution to enterprises that combines comprehensive protection with advanced threat visibility. Our solutions help enterprises to detect and prevent mobile apps that cause business disruption, reputation damage and legal penalties.

Benefits of our Mobile Security Solutions

5 W’s

1. How does your mobile security solution protect my device?
eSec Forte’s  solution protects your mobile device from known threats, malware and monitors all data going into and out of the device and significantly minimizes the risks of attacks.

2. How is your security solution for mobile devices different from that for desktop computers?
The scan feature included in the software is different from the one used in the antivirus software for PC’s. The program is customized to run on mobile devices and hence are specific to counter malware that attacks mobile platforms.

3. What is the anti-theft feature in mobile security?
The anti-theft feature of our mobile application security testing software protects your personal mobile data and helps you retrieve lost or stolen devices by enabling its remote control.

4. What kind of malicious viruses can invade my mobile device?
There are 2 types of malicious programs that can affect mobile devices – Worm is the kind of virus transmitted through SMS or MMS and Trojan is the kind of virus that enters in the form of an executable file or application to harm your device.

5. What mobile devices does your mobile security solution support?
Our solution supports both Android and iOs devices.