Forensics: Overview

eSec Forte’s digital forensic experts offer our clients comprehensive investigative solution of computers, mobile phones, and other devices. We offer all solution involving digital forensics and criminal investigation. Our digital forensic solution include complete analysis backed by a team of experts who leverage the state-of-the-art forensics toolkit and technology.

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Forensics: Challenges

In today’s world, cyber criminals lurk everywhere on the internet, hacking, stealing, defrauding users, and hiding from authorities in anonymity. Cyber criminals unleash ransomware attacks, disrupt regular operations, and steal data. Our digital forensics solutions can go deep inside networks, computers, smartphones to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate them. We implement counterintelligence against criminals and hackers through scientific investigatory techniques.

How can we help?

Our professional forensics team at eSec Forte will perform a thorough analysis of your IT
assets and network communications to spot any illegal behavior. In the event of a breach, we
use high-tech digital forensics tools to uncover evidence that has been formatted or deleted.
Our customized solution are designed to suit your specific organizational requirement. We
begin by locating the source of the information and proceed to forensic examination of
document and email servers, desktop and laptop hard drives, external media devices, mobile
phones, tablets, and navigation systems. Once we analyze the forensic data, we prepare
reports enabling investigation as needed.

Features of our Forensics

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Computer Forensics

We perform extraction of data from computers and other hardware devices including external hardware disks, memory sticks, and servers. Exppert digital forensics tools and techniques are used to copy existing and deleted data.

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Mobile device Forensics

Our forensics team is well equipped to perform data extraction from SIM cards, memory cards and determination of device location through radio frequency propagation survey.

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Media Forensics

We at eSec Forte use cutting-edge digital forensics toolkit to accurately capture audio and visual data from social media platforms such as Facebook.

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Data Recovery

In the event of loss of corporate information, our digital forensics team can help you recover valuable data especially if the data is required as a part of a cyber security investigation.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is also a critical component of our digital forensics solutions which ensures that all companies are well-equipped and ready to respond to any eventuality or unexpected incident.

Benefits of our Forensics Solutions

5 W’s of Forensics

1. What is meant by Digital Forensics?
Digital forensics involves scientific examination by computer forensic experts that includes identification, collection, preservation, and analysis of all electronic data that can be used as evidence in the court of law.

2. What devices does your forensics team check and retrieve data?
We work on all devices that hold data such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, music players, hard drives, USB memory sticks, digital cameras, CD’s and DVD’s.

3. Under what situations do I need to avail of your digital forensic?
Some common circumstances where you may need to avail our digital forensics are:
⮚ Unauthorized disclosure of company information
⮚ Theft of intellectual property
⮚ Criminal fraud
⮚ Negligence or deception

4. What results can I expect from your digital forensics examination?
Our digital forensics examination can provide you with deleted data, hidden computer files, passwords, websites visited, the discovery of email, texts, faxes and other types of communication.

5. What kind of data do you focus on in your forensic investigations?
Our digital forensics solution focus on active data/files/programs, stored or archived data, and latent data that has been deleted or overwritten