Cloud Security: Overview

We at eSec Forte understand the future of your business and establish a cloud security program at each layer to align with your business goals. We integrate cloud into your existing enterprise security system after a detailed assessment of your business needs and resources. We then develop an innovative approach to achieve a successful cloud security strategy.

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Cloud Security: Challenges

Traditional network security worked when all your applications resided on a single data center and all users were on the network. But with most apps moving to the Cloud and users becoming increasingly mobile, there is increased traffic flowing through the data center causing complex security and access control configurations. The corporate network is now on the internet and the only way to provide comprehensive security to users, wherever they are is by enabling security and access controls on the Cloud.

How can we help?

Securing the public cloud is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses with IT
departments looking for a cloud security solution that offers sufficient end-user security.
eSec Forte’s cloud security solution offers end-to-end cloud security protection to all aspects
of your business. Our Cloud umbrella helps secure cloud access, safeguards use of SaaS
applications, blocks and fixes email threats, monitors your communication and alerts on any
suspicious activity. eSecForte’s Cloud computing Security solutions offer a broad range of
security solutions to protect your entire multi-cloud world.

Features of our Cloud Security

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Long-term approach to Cloud Security

Instead of just a random project or a tool, our cloud computing security solutions cater to the long-term strategy of your business. Your organization can benefit from a cohesive and programmatic approach that considers all elements of the Cloud journey.

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Holistic cloud security strategy

We at eSec Forte perform a holistic cloud security assessment, strategy and gap analysis that can help you plan the future state of your business by developing a clear-cut cloud security roadmap.

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Securely Build and manage Cloud applications

We strive to build cloud security solutions by adopting best practices for threat management, response and recovery services that can securely build, manage and run your cloud applications.

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Unified Visibility

Our cloud computing security applications offer centralized, uniform visibility, monitoring and management of cloud controls, and containers from multiple cloud service providers.

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Proactive Recommendations

Our cloud security management solutions offer real-time, context-driven recommendations that help teams to focus on actual actions instead of false positives that enable quicker decision making.

Benefits of our Cloud Security Solutions

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5 W’s of Cloud Security

1. How will your cloud security solution help me prepare for my cloud journey?
Our holistic cloud security risk-based strategy and readiness plan can help your business prepare for your cloud transformation.

2. How do I protect my cloud framework against threats and malicious attacks?
Precise, real-time insights are a part of our cloud security solution. These insights can rapidly detect and respond to persistent or new attacks in the cloud platform.

3. How does your solution help protect my critical data?
Our cloud security solution helps to locate, classify, secure, and manage critical data wherever it resides in the cloud.

4. How do I allocate access to my data and systems on the cloud?
Our security solution has features to identify and manage those users who have the essential level of access in a hybrid multi-cloud environment.

5. Can I integrate my existing security tools with the new cloud security environment?
Yes. You can integrate your existing security tools with the new cloud security environment without moving your data.