10 Facts About Mobile App Security Everyone must know

10 Facts About Mobile App Security Everyone must know

Mobile App Security Facts Everyone must know

So you have just got new shiny smart phone and can’t wait to start downloading all the trending apps. Hold on for a second. Before you do, there are some important facts you should need to know.
More time is spent on mobile than ever & by 2014, mobile Internet usage will take over desktops. And the numbers say it all:

  • 76% of all humans have mobile, which is 5x the penetration of landlines
  • 71% adults shop online in the US and 50% consult mobile phones for shopping
  • 50% of all local searches are performed on mobile
We have identified below 10 mobile app security facts every mobile user must know before they expose company or personal data to cyber criminals while using the mobile and apps.
  1. Smartphones are easy targets for Hackers as 65% of the users do not use pass-code in their devices- Use Passwords!
  2. Make Mobile payments through a trusted and well encrypted app only.
  3. Avoid third-party app stores to avoid most malware and hacks.
  4. Avoid using open and unsecured WiFi networks as Hackers are able to do this by tracking the unique MAC address.
  5. Disable Your Device Location: Disabling WiFi when not in use will keep your physical location a mystery.
  6. Thieves steal your phone, run up your bill, copy your data, then sell the device on the black market. – Always Keep your phone secure and with you.
  7. Save yourself by setting a pass-code as soon as you get a new phone. Use at least a six-character password to protect yourself from the slightly more tech-savvy criminals.
  8. Jail breaking iOS and Using Custom ROM’s in Android reduces security, putting your data at risk and aiding malware.
  9. Don’t store bank passwords on a mobile device.
  10. Giving applications access to contacts, calendar, and photos means it can access and copy your information to their servers anytime and as often as the application wants.

Above 10 mobile app security facts every mobile user must know as these days attackers try to attack only those who are not aware of these facts.

*Our Advice Use strong passwords, never share your credentials.