Watch out for These 5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes

Watch out for these 5 mobile marketing mistakes

Watch out for These 5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes

Mobile marketing is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to reach consumers in virtually any location with minimal effort. In fact, according to Ninja Link Building, 8 in 10 consumers owns a mobile device, and more than half of these people have their devices in hand immediately upon waking each day. However, if you don’t plan your mobile marketing campaigns carefully, your brand won’t get the maximum benefit from this strategy. To boost the success of your mobile marketing campaigns, avoid these five common mobile marketing mistakes.

mobile app marketing mistakes

1. Not promoting your campaign.

With so many brands fighting for the attention of consumers, you have to continuously search for ways to grab their attention and keep it. The more you promote your campaigns, the more opportunities consumers will have to subscribe to your emails, follow you on social media and provide their permission for SMS marketing.

Promote your mobile marketing campaigns effectively by including clear calls to action across all of your promotional platforms, posting signs in your stores and using large, attention-grabbing fonts.

2. Not using responsive design.

Responsive design is a revolutionary web design technique that allows you to create a website that automatically adjusts its layout and/or content based on the size of the screen used to access it. If the website is accessed from a desktop computer, for example, the site will display all of its usual content. However, if the site is accessed from a mobile phone, it will display only the most essential content in an easy-to-read format.

Using responsive design ensures that consumers who access your site via mobile will be able to find the information they need quickly without getting frustrated or giving up. According to BOP Design, this technique can also be used to enhance the experience of consumers receiving emails from your brand.

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3. Failing to engage consumers in a conversation.

Mobile marketing is about more than just sending brand messages to consumers. It should also be used to facilitate two-way communication. Engaging consumers in two-way communication causes them to feel more connected to your brand. It also increases the likelihood of conversion and repeat business.

To facilitate two-way communication, encourage consumers to use social media check-in when they visit your store, post on your brand’s social media profiles and send specific text messages to your brand when they need information, such as your store’s hours or address. Reply to all communications from consumers in a timely manner.

4. Not using automation software.

Without automation software, mobile marketing campaigns can be resource-intensive. If you don’t use this type of software, you may find that your brand spends too much time and money working on mobile marketing, or you may find that you aren’t reaching as many consumers as you could be.

Fortunately, you can solve this problem by investing in quality software programs that automate marketing processes and reduce your workload. Thanks to advanced technology, Trumpia reports that a variety of tedious marketing tasks can now be automated with ease.

5. Not tracking the results of mobile marketing campaigns.

When you are spending your brand’s time and money on mobile marketing, making sure you are getting a decent return on your investment is essential. The best way to evaluate the success of your campaign is to track and analyze all of your interactions with consumers. Using the information, you gain from this analysis, you can tweak future campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

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