Privileged Access Management Solution for a Leading Bank

Privileged Access Management Solution for a Leading Bank

Implementation, Security

Context: Client wanted a solution that could consolidate identities and control privileged accounts. Being a large organisation it was getting difficult for them to maintain control and visibility over the critical resources. They were facing malicious login access request from unknown sources.

Solution: eSec Forte offered Privileged Access Management Solution, which is a for managing, monitoring, and securing password management and end-to-end monitoring of all activities associated with privileged accounts. Our team helped them with the installation of the product & ensured smooth functioning for the client throughout the process.

Result: Client got a control over sensitive data with robust privileged access management solution. It allowed the bank to store and monitor audit trails. Now they are maintaining records for every session and monitoring user activities with the help of PAM solution.

Marketing Team

November 27, 2018