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eSec Forte gives a far reaching answers for Telecom Network Security. Telecom network security can be imperiled by a huge number of new dangers.Our assignments depend on careful appraisal and report accommodation with point by point bugs survey and evaluations as per benchmarks.

We have picked up involvement of dealing with different Networks, web applications, mobile applications, different online applications, and different devices. We nearly screen the cyber security risks from most recent couple of years. We recognize what digital assaults are out there and usually which assault can be utilized against a specific association like yours. Our strategies created following quite a while of involvement in security testing, which converts into finely tuned penetration testing.


Telecom Network Security Risks:

Major Risks to Telecom Security from which we can help with  are:

  1. Phone Fraud – Toll FraudCramming, Telemarketing fraud, War dialing and so on
  2. Theft – Data theft, network abuse, illegal data interception, unauthorized data modification (in billing or routing based processes)
  3. Malware – Viruses, trojan horse
  4. Spam – Sending Spam messages via SMS, MMS
  5. Denial of Service attacks – Request flooding, DoS attacks against network infrastructure.
  6. Data leakage – Penetrating billing and CRM systems to extract customer data

Typical Security Challenges

Telecom sector faces the following security challenges:

  • Vendor management
  • Shortage of good testing tools
  • Absence of security know-how
  • Lack of proper testing setup
  • Lack of proper monitoring
  • Supply chain risks

How can eSec Forte Technologies help you?

GSM/3G core Network Security

GSM/3G core network is responsible for providing services such as call, VAS, SMS. Vulnerability assessment of core network will cover all core network elements as well as architecture audit.

Network element Configuration review

Network element configuration review intended to cover all the configuration review of core network element which incorporates client specialist level configuration, for example, recurrence of client level verification, sort of encryption permitted. Misconfigured network element could affect on accessibility of service. Some of basic configuration error are sort of confirmation, encryption permitted on network. Recurrence of producing figuring key, recurrence of checking IMEI, recurrence of performing validation of client.

IP-PBX and PSTN Security Consulting

P-PBX and PSTN Security Consulting includes testing configuration flaws in VOIP Networks and PSTN networks which includes IP-PBX, User-agents, Modems, TDM Switches.

Minimum Baseline Security Standard (MBSS)

MBBS covers helping operators to implements minimum baseline security standard which will help them in hardening network elements, for example, NodeB, E-NodeB, and HLR/AuC ,SMSC, IP-PBX.


Air Interface penetration testing

Air Interface penetration testing service covers the air interface of GSM/3G. Covers checking rundown of vulnerability and configuration weakness. Configuration weakness in core network could permit illegal use of services in GSM/3G. Air interface penetration testing covers performing fake authentication, identity impersonation, and mass cell phone turn off.

SIM application Security testing

SIM application Security testing service covers testing application residing on SIM card. It includes testing application weakness in custom test network. SIM card allow sim java applets to be stored on them and these applets are used by cell phone to provide VAS services to customer. But some time services such as mobile wallet could allow unauthorized usage by malicious user.

TE Architecture audit

LTE Architecture audit covers LTE architecture audit. It includes identifying major network element and verifying complete architecture from security point of view.

SS7 and SIGTRAN Security consulting

SS7 and SIGTRAN Security consulting includes ss7 security penetration testing and audit covering interconnection with operators, configuration audits, SS7 & SIGTRAN network audits.

We can also help with :

  • GSM Internet Data Access Pen-testing
  • GPRS Internet Data Pen-testing
  • SMS Spoofing and POC
  • Lawful Interception System/Gateway Security Audits
  • IVR Security Testing
  • Telecom SAP Implementation Security Assessment
  • X.25 Security Audit
  • SS7 Gateways & Process Security Review

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