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Social Engineering Services

Phishing officially accounts for 78% of all social-based attacks.

Buy Generic Tramadol Uk, Can You Get Tramadol Online Legally

Buy Generic Tramadol Uk, Can You Get Tramadol Online Legally

Social Engineering process uses deception and manipulation of individuals into them passing away confidential and personal information to unauthorized users. Phishers now not only extract sensitive information but work towards ruining the reputation of an organization.

Some of the recent and prominent social engineering attacks are:

  • Business Email Compromise or BEC scam where a simple hack into your computer for banking or credit card-related information to gradually empty your account
  • IRS scam starts with obtaining almost all known information about you, contact you as a revenue officer, claim that you owe money to the government and dupe you
  • Ransomware scam where phishers hold every digital data you have, hostage, for money.

Social Engineering Testing is ever come across an email sounding real, maybe from a relative offering you a large sum of money? Perhaps a Prince sharing his wealth with the world? These famous social engineering attacks have become common and are filtered by modern spam filters. Even if they do escape and manage to reach your inbox, it would not be tough for you to identify the fraud.

Social engineering attacks 2017 is all about spear-phishing, a more aggressive form of phishing that is well researched, target specific groups of people and are designed to sound legitimate to win your trust until you are ready to give them anything you need. Would your organisation as a whole be prepared to identify  these emails before they cause damage?

Social Engineering Services will consistently address awareness and education on latest trends in phishing by repeatable processes which will ensure employees to tag, report and avoid opening malicious emails. PHaaS programs in phishing training decrease malware-related issues, adware, drive-by downloads and laptop re-imaging all the while protecting precious company secrets and assets.


Let our experts simulate an attack on your network to show you your weaknesses (and how to bolster them).
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Why Social Engineering Consulting?

Even with the strongest of technical directives, it is the human resources that need social engineering assessment to determine the rate of vulnerability to these attacks. Phishing simulation software provides the critical examples of social engineering attacks for employees to familiarise with that helps in the identification process.

Repeated phishing test for employees beginning with simple phishing toolkits will ready them for various social engineering pentester threats from obtaining private details, taking over websites, gaining access to official documents and steal a personal identity.

Social Engineering Prevention

  • Scope Outline – Social engineer training will include grouping your employees into categories that provide in-depth analysis, say department-wise. Phishing test tools will help recognize the nature of the threat to their organization as a whole as well as to the individual employees.
  • Phishing Test – A phishing website and a phishing email account will be created. Through the employee analysis, a target-oriented phishing email will be sent out which links to the test website. There will be all forms of material to obtain information like questionnaire, usernames, passwords, etc. Through this exercise, we can deduce how many employees click to see the website and will be potential victims.
  • Social Engineering Testing Tools – Social engineering testing software PhishMe (using .csv files) will analyze the employee behavior at every level of the process so you can know all the employee concerns and escalation during the testing. PhishMe pricing may justify the incredible data analysis with easy to use modules.
  • Employee Education – Providing statistics to the employees gives insights into the impact of an attack. The exercises can be continued to different gamification techniques, e-learning modules, seminars or workshops to track and measure the success of the program.
  • Repeat the Process – Repetition of the entire cycle periodically prepares the organization to spot a malicious email almost immediately. This will turn your employees to be the strongest defense against phishing. Although there are several free phishing simulation tools and phishing test sites available, employing credible creators will ensure confidentiality and provide practical solutions for the long run.

Phishing as a Service

How will your employees react to the constantly improving phishing techniques? Phishing training for employees becomes essential when you want your organization stand up and respond to an advanced attack and show resilience.