Is Your Company Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

From Social Engineering to DDOS attack, there are a number of ways cyber criminals are breaching into our online data. And for companies big or small, not only is their personal data in danger, so is their business’s. Although, half of all cyber attacks happen to small and medium size businesses.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to take extra steps to secure your online privacy and ward off any criminals. Protecting your privacy is simpler than you think. To start, make sure every employee is using a strong password. You can also employ password apps such as LastPass, which securely stores passwords and generates random ones across devices. You should also make sure employees are changing their passwords regularly and using a two-factor authentication login.

So, the question arises- Is your company prepared for a cyber attack?

What can be done to improve your cyber security?

Please go through the following key points to reduce the chances and outcomes of cyber attack.

Does every employee have a strong password?

NO, More than half of all data breaches are caused by weak passwords, yet only very few companies have a strict policy for the same.

TIP : Ask your employees to use strong passwords. They can also use password managers which stores passwords and generates random one across devices.

If Yes , then move to next scenario.

Are your employees change their passwords regularly?

NO, Even with a password policy , mos of the businesses do not enforce it.

TIP : Reset all passwords monthly to ensure all staff change their passwords on regular basis.

If Yes, that is good. Lets move on to next level –

When possible, do you use two-factor authentication?

NO,  Two-factor authentication adds another level of security that reduces the risk of password breach.

TIP :  Enable two-factor authentication where possible, like sms authentication. Specially take care of your email accounts as they are gateway to other accounts.

If Yes, then –

Do your employees use their personal smartphones for work purposes?

NO, All devices connected to the company network can be a potential threat . Smartphones are easiest ones. According to Nokia , smartphones malware infections rose by 400% in 2016.

TIP : Give employees secure work phones with a pass code. Install a security app that can wipe the phone remotely.

If Yes, move on to next case –

Are you Backing up your files?

NO, Ransomware can make your files completely inaccessible. Keeping offsite backups of the important files is the only way to prevent losing access.

TIP : Make sure to have system in place that saves important data in multi places so you will not lose it in case of an attack. Keep local backups as well on an                 offsite server.

If Yes : here is more what you can do –

Does every company device have malware and antivirus installed?

NO, Most of the cyber attacks can be prevented by setting right basics, like proper & regularly updated security software?

TIP :  Use updated antivirus & malware software on every device.  Check devices like flash drives before use.

If Yes, then-

Have you Limited the amount of employees with admin access to only those who really need it?

NO,  Restricting the admin privileges  is among the top priorities that forms the basis of cyber security.

TIP : Give the admin access accordingly and let the employees educated on best cyber security practices.

If Yes : here comes the next –

Are you employees aware of phishing emails?

No, Phishing emails is the most common crime affecting the businesses. They comprise 50% of total attacks.

TIP :  A phishing email looks real. Make sure your employees check all unexpected mails with the sender and not click on any suspicious links or share any             sensitive information before any clearance.

If Yes, move on –

Do you encrypt databases and customer information?

NO,  If your database is not encrypted, your sensitive information will be accessible in case of an attack.

TIP : Ensure all important must be encrypted. You may try Bit locker for Windows PC’s and Apple File Vault for Macs.

If Yes : go below –

Are your Websites or apps properly protected?

NO,  More than 75% websites scanned contains the vulnerabilities , like outdated OS, plugins etc.

TIP : Most attack happens on WP websites. Stay updated on WP security best practices, keep backups, install updates and be aware of dodgy plugins.

If Yes : Great Work!