Immunity Canvas Penetration Testing Tool

Immunity CANVAS is a trusted security assessment tool that allows penetration testing


Immunity Canvas Penetration Testing Tool

Immunity Canvas is a trusted security assessment tool that allows penetration testing and hostile attack simulations to be conducted by security professionals. Our customers currently take advantage of the technology within CANVAS to properly understand exposure and manage risk. Recognized as a best of breed attack framework, CANVAS takes managed computer and network exploitation to the next level. After using CANVAS to successfully compromise systems, users can grab screenshots, download password credentials, manipulate the target files system, and elevate privileges. Users can stealthily bounce between target systems and target whole geographic regions. Also see our Source Code Review Services, Web Application Security Audit ServicesMobile Application Security Services.

Immunity Canvas Dashboard

Immunity Canvas Penetration Testing Tool


Immunity Canvas Penetration Testing

Immunity Canvas Pen-Testing Tool Features

Immunity CANVAS offers a level of exploit quality, availability, and real-world use unparalleled by any competitors.

  • Purchasing CANVAS means gaining access to the best proprietary
    collection exploits available.
  • – Kernel rootkits, Thunderbird trojans and other advanced backdoors
  • MOSDEF callbacks on Linux/OSX protected by SSL
  • A responsive and professional development team behind CANVAS means you will never find yourself without support
  • Control your pentest without relying on canned logic.


  • In addition to the extensive list of exploits Immunity offers access to these specialized exploit packs:
    • Dsquare’s D2
    • Gleg – Agora & SCADA
    • Enable – VoIPPack
    • IntevyDis – VulnDisco
  • If your research is time sensitive give your team access to CANVAS Early Updates. This update option allows you to enhance your research by gaining access to up-to-the-minute vulnerabilities as they are released.
  • Whether you are considering adding CANVAS to your tool-set or you are a current user, Immunity’s Virtual CANVAS Training will give you an environment dedicated to bringing your knowledge and use of CANVAS to new heights.
  • Spend some time with us while we help you work on target selections and show you what CANVAS can do in different operation systems. Since this two-day course is taught by one of our senior engineers conveniently at your home or office via WebEx, every CANVAS users should grab this class along with their new license or renewal.


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