All password recovery tools in a single value pack. Unlock documents, decrypt archives, break into encrypted containers with an all-in-one ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle.

ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle

With the advent of cryptoanalysis in different fields like forensics, government regulatory mechanisms, corporate and personal affairs, password recovery tool is an absolute necessity. ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle is a revolutionary tool for decryption of files and documents which have been protected with widely used applications. It also serves to unprotect disks and systems and helps the customer to recover a lost password.

This is a savior in cases of the lost password of important files and systems.  It can unlock files with the most complex passwords by employing cryptoanalysis algorithms. Capable of working on a variety of operating systems, the tools provided by ElcomSoft offer faster recovery at the most competitive pricing.

Revolutionary Inventions

The company has brought forwards innovative tools which have enabled swift password recovery from most commonly used files and systems.

  • The software innovations from ElcomSoft offer password recovery from Microsoft Office products, ZIP and RAR archives and Adobe files. The technology is based on the use of most advanced cryptanalysis algorithms developed. This technology can recover passwords instantly for a plethora of office applications, database programs, text processors and spreadsheets with affordable ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle pricing.
  • The Password Recovery Bundle contents work at a revolutionary speed without requiring expensive hardware. The groundbreaking patented technology can accelerate password recovery in the presence of NVIDIA graphics card and CPU-only mode. It makes password recovery 50 times faster than traditional techniques.
  • The GPU acceleration technology supports all GPGPU-capable boards (NVIDIA and AMD) and relieves computational heavy processing fractions onto the type of processors featured in the latest graphic accelerators of NVIDIA.

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ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle Features:

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Innovative Technology

The password recovery products are a benchmark in applications of Defense, forensics, business firms and IT giants. It provides an access to the most complex passwords of important files and documents. It is a comprehensive package of different password recovery tools which are designed using up-to-date cryptoanalysis algorithms. These software innovations are unique and make password procurement a breezy affair, without the need of getting additional hardware.

advanced technology

Enhanced Recovery Protocol

The password recovery tool package works by breaking password into several formats. By employing social engineering, this tool focuses on aspects of human psychology to derive passwords. Using GPU acceleration, it unlocks documents and aids decryption of archives and encrypted containers. Using a dictionary attack, ElcomSoft Bundles narrows down options, which ultimately leads to password recovery. Other attacks performed by this holistic bundle are mask attacks, combination attacks, and hybrid attacks.

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Instant Password Recovery

Instant recovery of the password is possible from instant messengers, browsers, email clients and several other products. Different file formats and types of password encryption techniques can be instantly retrieved and unlocked, which serves an important purpose for corporate and government customers.

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GPU Acceleration

This patented technology enables accelerated password recovery using consumer-grade video cards in amalgamation with ATI or NVIDIA chips. Currently, it supports all GeForce 8, 9, 100, 200, 400-series GPU and 5000, 6000 and 7000-series AMD Radeon GPU. Consumers can be 50 times faster when compared to its competitors.


When compared to other market competitors, the ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle outperforms in the following aspects.

  • Reasonable pricing for a holistic software tool package.
  • 50 times more efficient than traditional counterparts.
  • Employment of latest, patented technology that enables application on the big system network.
  • Wide compatibility with various files, documents, and systems.

ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle Benchmarks

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ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle Benefits:

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ElcomSoft Password Recovery Tool is Microsoft Gold Certified, software partner of Intel and NVIDIA developer support.

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It can retrieve passwords of documents and systems to a wide range of file formats.

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Password Recovery Time

The patented GPU acceleration technology provides 50 times faster password recovery.


Comprehensive Traceability

It also keeps a tab on CPU time, consumption of resources, password recovery work, and user action.

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Scalable Factor

The linear scalability provides an option of interconnected multi-core and multi-processor workstations. They can be connected over LAN or internet. It also utilizes minimum bandwidth and has zero overhead scalability.

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Ease Of Management

The password recovery suite provides tangible control of queue and makes job management easier. Additionally, password recovery workstation can be controlled remotely.

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ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle pricing

As a single discounted package of relevant tools, ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle pricing is very competitive as compared to getting all the bundle content individually. You can buy ElcomSoft Recovery Bundle from value added Partner eSec Forte Technologies.

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