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Get the most out of Our Hands-On Training Sessions

eSec Forte Technologies is a CMMI Level-3 ISO 9001-2008, 27001-2013 certified Global Consultation and Implementation firm, We believe in precision and quality above everything else. The areas of our expertise include Information Security and Cyber Security. Our success stories are translated in the form of positive testimonials from our growing list of clients.

VAPT & SAST Workshop- Bangalore

Tramadol Buy Online - Tramadol Usaonline Biz

Checkmarx is an application security software development company and a Gartner leader in the magic quadrant 2018, providing a Static Application Security testing tool, which scans the uncompiled source code to identify the vulnerabilities and seamlessly integrate with the organisations SDLC environment such as IDE’s, Source code repositories, bug tracking to support the developer in following secure coding practices.

  • CxSAST: Secures the source code by identifying vulnerabilities in coding languages
  • CxOSA: Secures the open source components, libraries and in-house code.
  • CxIAST: Zero Scan Time, Continuous monitoring and continuous detection of vulnerabilities.
  • Codebashing: Hands-on interactive training platform built for developers

Tenable®, Inc. is the Cyber Exposure company, providing continuous network monitoring and vulnerabilities exposure for any organisation across environments such as IT, DevOps, Mobile, Cloud and IoT and aims at reducing the attack surface, providing enough visibility and remediation plan.

  • SecurityCenter ®: Evaluates the vulnerable data across the enterprise, prioritize security risk, ensure compliances, assurance report cards, customisable dashboards and more.. ultimately providing a clear picture of your security posture.
  • SecurityCenter Continuous View®: Continuous visibility and advanced analytics, assets visibility, complete network monitoring, correlates real-time activity with vulnerable data.
  • Nessus®: Deployed by millions of users and 24000+ organisations worldwide, to identify vulnerabilities, policy violating configurations and malware attacks.
  • Protect any asset on any computing environment be it cloud, mobile devices, containers and web applications.

Core Impact: The most powerful tool in your security arsenal which exploits security weaknesses. Replicate attacks and enable organisations to detect, prevent and respond to real-world attacks across multi vectors such as Network, Web & Mobile.

  • Test more common vulnerability exploits than the competition
  • Ensure vulnerabilities are remediated
  • Client Side Testing
  • Phishing
  • Social Engineering Attacks
  • Dynamic Credential Capturing

Kindly Register for VAPT & SAST Workshop to join senior network security professionals for an invitation-only Lunch and in-depth conversation.

Bangalore – 27th July, 2018

Timings :  09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Venue: Ramada Encore,Domlur 282-285,Amarajyothi Layout, Domlur 1st Stage, Bangalore,

Order Tramadol Fedex Overnight


Register Today ! Save your Seat!

Note : This event requires registration & confirmation. Kindly Register by Filling up the Form!

Contact Us for Specialized Training Session

Getting started is simple. Just Overnight Tramadol Visa today and we’ll start to create a customized training plan built around you.