CVE-2023-40812-HTML injection-Accounts Group

  • Vendor of the product(s) –
  • Product Name – OpenCRX
  • Version – exact ver of the product which is vulnerable – 5.2.0
  • Affected component(s) – Accounts Group
  • Attack vector(s) – Web Application
  • Suggested description of the vulnerability for use in the CVE- HTML injection on the Accounts Group Creation
  • Discoverer(s)/Credits – your name -Nandini Sharma
  • Step by Step POC written in sequential order – prepare a word file for all this.


Title:  HTML injection at Accounts Group Creation


HTML Injection is a type of web application security vulnerability where an attacker is able to inject malicious HTML code into a web page viewed by other users.  The attack can be launched by an attacker who enters specially crafted HTML code, such as script tags or iframe elements, into the input field. The web application may then display this malicious HTML code to other users, potentially executing the code in their web browser and allowing the attacker to carry out their malicious actions.


eSecForte Technologies Security Researcher – Nandini Sharma reported a HTML Injection

Description: HTML Injection in which attacker simple insert payload at Accounts Group on the name filed and it executed when attacker save the Accounts Group Creation.

Platform/Product: OpenCRX

Vulnerability Name: Html Injection

Affected Component: Accounts Group Name Field

Attack Type:


HTML injection can result in the modification of web page content or the execution of malicious scripts, leading to the theft of sensitive information, malware distribution, phishing attacks, defacement of websites, or denial of service. It can have a significant impact on the reputation and security of a website and the organization that runs it.


Preventing HTML injection requires proper input validation and sanitization of user input.

Method of Exploitation

Step to reproduce: –

Step-2 Now, create new Accounts Group in the Manage Accounts as shown below: –

Step-3 Now, Insert Html payload in the Name, Description and Activity Number field as shown below: –

Paylaod – <font color=”blue”>Esecforte</font>

Step-4 Now, click on the save button to save this activity Milestone. It has been observed by the auditor that HTML payload execute successfully.

Note: All the fields in general is vulnerable to HTML Injection


Nandini Sharma from eSec Forte Technologies Pvt. Ltd