CVE-2023-27152-OPNSense-Brute force

– Vendor of the product(s): Deciso B.V.

– Product name: OPNsense

– Vendor Mail-ID: [email protected]

Version:  OPNsense23.1

– Affected component: OPNsense login page

Attack vector: Custom list of username and passwords

Suggested description of the vulnerability for use in the CVE: OPNsense firewall login page do not impose rate limits which makes it easier to attempt brute-force attacks against the login page and attacker can brute force the login credentials.

– Discoverer(s) / Credits: Pragati Bhardwaj

– Overview:  

   PoC Details:

Step-1 Login to the application 

Visiting via this URL: ( )

Step-2 In this step, we capture the request in Burp suite of login credentials.

Step-3 After that, the request is sent into intruder and Brute force the Password parameter.

Step-4 Now, we set Payload of 100+ and start the attack.

Step-5 We Successfully found the Correct password – admin@123

Step-6 We had successfully login.



  1. Account lockout after failed attempts.
  2. Limit logins to a specified IP address or Range.
  3. Use CAPTCHA.
  4. Whitelisting procedure.
  5. Strong Password Mechanism.