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Clinic Management System

Tramadol Online For Dogs, Can You Still Order Tramadol Online

The primary objective of independent medical practices is to move patients through the practice efficiently and easily. Research indicates managing cost effectiveness while maintaining practice growth and patient satisfaction is one of the biggest challenges faced by small clinics. Eventually, rapid growth in number of patients without adequate scale up of supporting systems induces gaps leading to poor service to patients, longer AR cycles with insurers and inefficient operations.

eSec Forte brings to its clients the “Order Tramadol Fedex Overnight” that will transform the clinic and independent medical practices operate. CMS solution aims to simplify the workflow, streamline patient lifecycle at the clinic, produce accurate claims and reduce no shows.

Maintaining a strong control over administrative tasks like appointment scheduling, drug and commodity inventory, accounting and Overnight Tramadol Visa is now just a click away. CMS ensures that the medical practitioners focus on their primary objectives of providing timely and quality medical treatment to the patients in an unhindered manner.

FEATURES – Clinic Management Solution

Pulse Dashboard:To be successful today you need to know exactly where you are, where you are going and how to adapt. An overview of clinic operations to keep your finger on the pulse – list number of patients, number of appointments, doctor wise patient count, revenue per department/clinic, insurance claims summary through a visually interactive dashboard.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Manage patients’ medical history through the EMR with configurable multi-specialty support. EMR provides an easy way to access patient summary while maintaining strong confidentiality of patient records through role based access controls. Scan and upload documents to EMR from visits to other clinics for documenting relevant medical history. Covers all aspects such as chief complaints, investigations, observations, treatments, clinical reminders, diagnosis and follow up plans

Appointment Scheduling

Provision for registration of appointments through mobile app or phone. Doctor’s availability is available in form of time slots that helps patients to book appointments at convenient time slots. Facilitates appointment booking in all three ways – phone, online and direct walk-in. Reminders of appointment details can be configured to be sent to patients through push notifications, SMS and E-mail. System supports for appointment cancellation, rescheduling and appointment swapping. Easily schedule doctors, staff, equipment, resources and rooms with color-coded calendar entries. Supports drag and drop scheduling, custom calendar views and multi-practice clinics.

Patient Mobile App – Appointments Booking Mobile App

Patients can book appointments and view doctor/clinic hours through the mobile app. In addition, the patients can access reports, billing details, receive discount codes and reminder notifications.

Visit Management

Easily manage ongoing care, observations, prescription and follow-ups with ready access to relevant medical history. Configurable workflow to control patient movement between reception, insurance desk, consultation and examination rooms seamlessly. Track referrals for improved collaboration with external doctors and clinics.


Configure insurance providers with multiple schemes/policies and scheme based pricing for services. Provision for seeking pre-approvals for patients. Bundle claims for each insurer/policy for easier processing. Up to date tracking of claims raised, reimbursed and aging reports.

Tramadol Online For Dogs, Can You Still Order Tramadol Online

Pharmacy & Inventory: Full inventory management suite to handle multi location clinics/pharmacies, barcode based drug dispensation & sales, stock adjustments, expiries, manage consumables and material issue to departments. Create and manage purchase requisitions, purchase orders, GRN, invoicing and payment. Advanced inventory reports for insights into consumption/sales patterns.

Accounting and Asset Management: Maintain control over assets, costs and accounts. Automated AP/AR entries through the procurement/sales process integrated with the accounting module. Calculate depreciation for each capital asset. Comprehensive reports for strong financial management as well as cost management.

Human Resource ManagementCentralize management of all employee information, payroll (integrated with accounting module), leave policy, department based hierarchy, role assignment and timesheet management.

Managing Multiple Locations:One point access for clinics at multiple locations controlling the clinic/s from anywhere using Role based access system for users like front desk, doctors etc.

Technical Features

Multi Component Architecture: Modular components consisting of core business processes, operational processes, RAD engine (Reporting, Analytics/alerts and Dashboards) and system administration through master data management, User management and role based access controls.

HIPAA Technical Safeguards Compliant: In built safeguards ensuring strong access control, audit controls, data integrity, authentication and transmission security.

Ease of Integration: Native support of HL7-FHIR, RESTful APIs and Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) keeping in view the interoperability with legacy systems like radiology and lab diagnostic equipments. The integration protocols also extend the solution to provide access to information to healthcare providers/patients on devices of their choice – web or mobile.

Cloud Hosted: Multi Component Architecture along with cloud hosting making the solution easily scalable to multi-specialty, location and facility operations. Automated daily remote backups ensure minimal downtime and quick disaster recovery in case of any catastrophic failure.

Clinic Management Software Advantage

  • Intuitive user interface and navigation flow
  • Independent Modules that can be configured as per need
  • Cloud based solution to access solution anywhere and anytime
  • Secure storage and role based access of Patient Health Records
  • Automated daily remote backups to ensure minimal downtime
  • Quick disaster recovery in case of any catastrophic failure
  • Experience in working with both Government and Private Healthcare Setups
  • Medical Standards and Procedures followed as required
  • Experience in deploying large scale solutions with more than 100,000 transactions per day