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Get the most out of Our Hands-On Session & Events

eSec Forte Technologies is a CMMI Level-3 ISO 9001-2008, 27001-2013 certified Global Consultation and Implementation firm, We believe in precision and quality above everything else. The areas of our expertise include Information Security and Cyber Security. Our success stories are translated in the form of positive testimonials from our growing list of clients.

Tramadol Pet Meds Online, Can You Order Tramadol Online

“Cybersecurity & Agility with Network Security Policy Orchestration”

Kindly Register for Cyber Security & Agility Technical Workshop to join senior network security professionals for an invitation-only Lunch and in-depth conversation.

During this event, we’ll exchange ideas on how today’s organizations are leveraging security automation and orchestration to stay agile, secure, and compliant in the face of digital transformation.

Bangalore – 30th October, 2018 | Venue: The Leela Palace Bengaluru, 23, Old Airport Road, Bengaluru – 560 008

Mumbai – 1st November, 2018 | Venue: Hotel Sahara Star, Opposite Domestic Airport, Vile Parle-East, Mumbai-400099.

Timings : 
 9:00 AM – 04:00 PM

Register Today ! Save your Seat!


  • 1. Tufin Orchestration Suite Technical Workshop:
    • SecureTrack Solution: Strengthens Network Security Posture & Ensure Compliance across Multi-Vendor Firewall & Cloud Platforms.
    • SecureChange Solution: Provides Network Security Change Automation for Business Agility & Policy Compliance.
    • SecureApp Solution: the first solution that enables organizations to manage network connectivity and security policy from an application perspective
     2. Tufin Use Cases & Competitive Analysis
     3. Q&A

Note : This event requires registration & confirmation. Kindly Register by Filling up the Form!