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Custom Application Development

We power hundreds of businesses and touch a million lives through websites developed by us.

Custom Application Development

With extensive experience in designing, developing and supporting custom application, mobile & web applications and having delivered several projects for clients across the globe.

Delivering Advanced and Secured Custom Mobile & Web Applications is exactly what we do!

We analyze business needs and with well-planned methodology and innovative solutions, we ensure that you get more than what you expected.

Why eSec Forte Technologies as Custom app development company?
  • Trained app developers with experience in hands-on secure coding.
  • In-House certified  Design and User Experience team
  • Highly customized to client’s specifications “what you need, we give it”
  • Responsive team that can be accessed via phone, email or skype.
  • Quality Assurance: Hardcore testing of codes and web apps to check for any flaws in design and functionality
  • Agile development methodology helping clients monitor the progress transparently
  • Listed among the top enterprise app development companies in India
  • Strong client base (MNCs/SMEs/Start-ups/Govt.), serving clients from US, UK, Singapore, Australia and India.
We serve you with the following Custom Mobile and Web App Solutions:
  • Mobile App Development
  • Website/ Web Application Development
  • Android (Smartphone/ Tablet) App Development
  • iPhone/ iPad App Development
  • eCommerce App Development
  • Custom Enterprise Application Development
  • UI/ UX design and development services


Platforms:Magento, WooCommerce, Joomla, WordPress, Codeignitor, Smarty Yii, Laravel

Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android

UI/ UX: HTML5/ CSS3, AngularJS

Databases: Node.JS, MySQL/ MsSQL, Mongo DB

Languages: C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, .NET