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Kinesense – Intelligent Video Analytics: Overview

Kinesense LE enables you to import various video files and automatically search for key events. It’s easy to use and guaranteed to do video investigations with significantly less time and effort. This powerful tool enables time-efficient video retrieval, search and reporting from vast amounts of evidence, while
ensuring the integrity of your evidence.

Key Features



Supports proprietary CCTV formats, VMS integrations e.g. Milestone/Genetec etc ,900+ virtualized CCTV players, Batch import of Ovation, Time space, Covidence and other covert recorders, Import audio files, Frame by frame hashing for evidential auditing



Automatic event detection algorithm ,Search events by object (person/vehicle etc), direction, color, object and zone, Face detection and attribute search (add-on module),Face recognition (add-on module),Other analysis modules (object classes/attributes/behaviors) available on request, Bookmark and tag events.



Edit and storyboard video clips ,Clarify images and videos using a range of clarification algorithms ,Redact or highlight images and videos ,Export evidence-grade reports to video, DVD, PDF and MS Word , Automate disclosure reports.

Why Kinesense Video Analytics

Faster Actionable Intelligence

Kinesense LE is a proven video triage tool. Use search algorithms to find events in video automatically and eliminate hours of watching video manually.

Easy Video Editing and Storyboarding

Bookmark objects and events of interest to quickly compile a viewing log that can be shared with colleagues during team briefings. Create your storyboard for evidence presentation.

Capture To Court Video Case Solution

Organize all video assets relating to an investigation together; review and report on all case findings easily.

Ensure The Chain Of Evidence

Keep track of all actions undertaken during the video investigation to automatically create disclosure reports required for chain of evidence.

Kinesense – Intelligent Video Analytics Pricing

Its cost is dependent upon the license you wish to choose as it gives you various options. The detailed  price structure can be availed through Value Added Distributor eSec Forte Technologies who are well versed with all the data associated.

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