Intel 471 Threat Intelligence

Intel 471 provides you with an unparalleled global intelligence capability for humans and machines.

Intel 471 Threat Intelligence

Intel 471 empowers enterprises, government agencies, and other organizations to win the cybersecurity war using near-real-time insights into the latest malicious actors, relationships, threat patterns, and imminent attacks relevant to their businesses.

Intel 471 optimizes the gathering of high-quality observations and technical evidence of cybercriminal activity by infiltrating closed sources where threat actors collaborate, communicate, and plan cyberattacks. We deliver a wealth of information and analysis valuable to building an understanding of cybercriminals, their motivations, and their often fast-changing tools and tactics. Our intelligence products drive real-world solutions, addressing a plethora of use cases including third-party risk, threat hunting, security operations, insider threats, brand protection, and more.

Intel 471 Threat Intelligence

Intel 471- Platform Functionality

Intel 471 platform delivers rich functionality related to cyber threats including:








Several Common Underground Threats Impacting the Telecom Sector

Telecommunication companies are valuable targets for cybercrime attacks including methods used to obtain access and data such as:

Deploying ransomware and information-stealer malware

Leveraging vulnerabilities and exploits

Operating phishing campaigns and developing networks with insiders

Intel 471 Pricing

Its cost is dependent upon the license you wish to choose as it gives you various options. The detailed  price structure can be availed through Value Added Distributor eSec Forte Technologies who are well versed with all the data associated.

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