DRONA: High-End Forensic Workstation

Address issues in Digital Forensics by providing a high-quality hardware solution.

DRONA: High-End Forensic Workstation

DRONA: High-End Forensic Workstation is a make in India initiative launched by eSec Forte Technologies to address issues in digital forensics by providing a high-quality hardware solution for expediting digital evidence processing without compromising its authenticity. DRONA workstations are a line of High End forensic workstations that were made specifically to work with digital forensic software and tools to ensure that forensic investigation is carried out effectively. Forensic investigation in a lab takes into account a variety of low-end and high-end processes; as a result, forensic workstations used for low-end routine investigation tasks like reporting must have different hardware configurations than workstations used for high-end extreme processing tasks like indexing and forensic analysis.

High End Forensic Workstation

Why DRONA: High End Forensic Workstation

The amount of data generated by digital evidence and the processing capabilities required to convert it into meaningful evidence pose the greatest obstacles for any forensicator working in digital forensics. Experts in digital forensics are faced with a significant challenge as a result of the ever-increasing volume, velocity, and veracity of digital evidence. DRONA provides us with unmatched processing power and redundant hardware that never compromises the efficiency of any digital forensic software.

DRONA is one of the first workstations on the market to feature a biometric-based power on/off system. The integrated fingerprint-based biometric access ensures that only authorized users can access the system and work on it while maintaining its integrity. The power on/off system for the Basic series is based on a keylock, preserving the system’s integrity.

Heating is one of the biggest problems with forensic workstations because they are used a lot and often, which makes it hard for the machine’s parts to last long. To prevent the system from heating, DRONA comes equipped with six to eight cooling fans and an air/liquid cooling system. To better dissipate heat and keep the system cool, the internal parts of the workstation are partially made of aluminum and mild steel.

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