MH Forensic Workstation

A high-end Forensic analysis workstation for digital data processing with cyber speed

AntAnalyzer: Forensic Analysis Workstation

High-end Forensic analysis Workstation for processing digital data with cyber speed The AntAnalyzer ® is the ultimate for indexing and processing IT forensic cases at the work desk. The AntAnalyzer ® series is known and favored for its speed, reliability, and persistence around the world. Our machines are leading in all IT forensic agencies and companies in Germany and Europe. All AntAnalyzers ® are certified and tested for using the software of leading developers (like Magnet Forensics, Guidance Software, Nuix, etc.). Additional to the four default configurations we provide detailed modifications to measure up all your personal needs. The AntAnalyzer ® is so quiet, that it is used in offices without hesitation.

forensic workstation

TYPEThe Antanalyzer is available in the following standard configurations (AMD editionIntel edition). We are happy to customize the configuration to your wishes and needs individually. By using the most up-to-date components, meanderings of the following technical data may occur.

forensic workstation
Forensic Workstation
Analysis Workstation

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