Digital Risk Protection platform that best protects your digital footprint

The value of Digital Risk Protection (DRP) programs

A Digital Risk Protection (DRP) program can protect organizations from cyber, brand, and physical threats. By monitoring social media and the surface, deep and dark webs, IT security, and fraud prevention teams can detect evidence of active attacks, successful data breaches and social media account takeovers, and planned campaigns by cybercriminals, hacktivists, state-sponsored hackers. They can also find indications of harmful actions by disgruntled (or merely careless) employees and customers. An effective DRP program enables an organization to respond quickly to digital threats by taking down fraudulent websites, ads, and social media accounts, notifying review sites and online forums about false and misleading postings, and alerting online marketplaces and app stores to counterfeit merchandise and fake mobile apps. It should also provide IT groups with current threat intelligence so they can prevent data breaches by deactivating compromised user accounts, revoking stolen credentials, and strengthening security controls.

The ZeroFOX – Digital Risk Protection Platform

The ZeroFOX Platform is an easy to deploy, always-on, cloud-based solution giving organizations critical visibility and protection across their public attack surface. The ZeroFOX Platform delivers automated threat detection and remediation across a broad, ever-expanding set of digital platforms. ZeroFOX identifies organizational risks and security threats targeting both businesses and employees. The ZeroFOX Dashboard provides an executive-level summary of the overall state of an organization’s digital risks and mitigation actions taken on behalf of the organization. The dashboard displays the total number of ingested and analyzed posts, profiles, URLs, and images, and gives an overarching look at the most critical alerts and most threatened entities. It also provides a summary of takedown metrics and recent advisories from Alpha Team research.

Threat Intelligence

The ZeroFOX Platform enables

Safeguard your enterprise from dynamic security risks across the industry’s broadest range of public platforms including surface, deep and dark web, social media, mobile apps, codeshare repositories, email, and much more. Have confidence that if a new threat is out there, you’ll see it first.

Using ML techniques and AI-based analysis achieved at an unprecedented scale, this Platform automatically identifies hidden threats that evade detection within objects, images, and videos, and remediates targeted phishing attacks, credential compromise, data theft, and more.

ZeroFOX continuously monitors for emerging threats, instantly alerts security teams and authorities upon attack initiation, and automatically takes swift corrective actions ranging from offending or malicious content moderation to attacker infrastructure takedown.

Enrich traditional security programs with intelligence uniquely focused on social media and digital threats across surface, deep, and dark web. Integrate IOCs into your larger threat intelligence tech stack with pre-existing integrations to leading SIEM, TIP, and SOAR platforms.

Using targeted data collection and artificial intelligence-driven analysis engines, the ZeroFOX Platform automatically identifies and remediates fraudulent accounts, phishing attacks, customer scams, exposed PII, insider threats, and more. Accessible in the office or on your phone through the ZeroFOX mobile app, never miss a critical threat. The ZeroFOX Platform provides the visibility, analysis, protection, and remediation your organization needs to effectively protect your growing public attack surface

Secure Your Public Attack Surface with
Digital Risk Protection

To defeat the new risks of the digital-first world, you need effective and scalable Digital Risk Protection.

Digital Risk Protection

One Platform. Comprehensive Protection.

Brand Protection

Protect your organization, reputation, and revenue against targeted attacks including phishing, impersonations, fraud and piracy.

Domain Protection

Protect owned websites through the identification and remediation of impersonating domains, trademark infringement, and spoofing.

Executive Protection

Protect executives and VIPs against spearphishing, impersonations, account hacking, credential theft, violence threats, targeted attacks, and more.

Phishing & Fraud

Detect and remove fraud campaigns and phishing attacks targeting your customers through malicious domains, email, and social media.

Account Takeover

Identify and prevent early warning of account hijacking that can lead to credential and credit card theft, putting executives and customers at risk.

Dark Web Monitoring

Find sensitive, proprietary, and stolen information and attack chatter leaked on the deep and dark web that exposes your brand and executives.

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