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A unified suite for Insider Threat Management and Employee Behavioural Analysis

Data Loss prevention

inDefend Business – Overview

indefend is a Data Loss Prevention Tool empowered to detect anomalous employee behavior by separating their strange shifts in otherwise regular behavioral patterns. Therefore filtering out the false positives and bringing out the most results for analysis. In addition, it has the ability to stop data exfiltration through every available transmission channel.

Key Capabilities


Discover all kind of sensitive data residing at various places within the organisation that can possibly lead to its compromise.


Based on predefined policies, activate inDefend to lock down specific channels or activities in case of any sensitive data exfiltration is detected mitigating damage to the organization.


Receive Email, SMS and Desktop notifications on serious incidents occurring within the network. Maintain actionable intelligence about every incident.


Analyze every piece of data that is being sent out by the employees through various channels based on predefined patterns, keywords or phrases and logic flows.


Detect and monitor fragments of sensitive data that could to be sent out of the organization to unsolicited viewers.

Key Features of indefend – Data Loss Prevention Tool

Works Realtime

inDefend gives you a real-time data feed of what data is being sent by whom on daily basis.

Controls Everywhere

inDefends collects whatever corporate information going out on various channels and portable devices.

Warns Proactively

inDefend proactively keeps you informed about probable data loss through desktop notifications, SMS alerts and Email reports to stay informed even on the move.

Better Control

inDefend accurately identifies and blocks sensitive corporate information right at its point of origin and helps you save millions of dollars.

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eSec Forte Technologies is an Cert-In Empanelled | CMMi Level 3 | ISO 9001:2008 | ISO 27001-2013 certified Cyber Security and IT Services Company, Having headquarters in Gurugram, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi &– India, Singapore, Dubai & Sri Lanka.

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inDefend for Business – Key Benefits

Company’s growth doesn’t worry you anymore

It doesn't matter if the size of organisation is 50 or 50,000. inDefend still helps you gain maximum transparency over every employee in your organisation.

Don’t let remote workers steal your sleep.

You can worry less about productivity of remote employees. It completely eliminates the concept of out of sight and out of mind. Rest assured your data stays protected in their laptops.

Be ready for tomorrow’s compliances.

Gain industry compliance that suits your operational domain and also comply's to protect your customer's data from being uploaded and compromised on the internet.

Make your intellectual property safe.

Protect your company's trade and financial secrets from falling into your's competitor's hand or becoming a media story for tomorrow.

More Visibility on existing employees

Establish better controls on employees who are on notice period and have complete transparency over their activities during this sensitive timeline.

Get Unified workflow and policy

Establish cleverly orchestrated policies through our unique data flow analysis process and manage access permissions for huge groups of employees scattered throughout the globe.

Get better insights with cyber intelligence report

Generate full fidelity profile of all employees of your company to track behaviour on digital assets and their work time productivity.

Proofs to initiate legal proceedings

Record and maintain live screenshots of specific employee crimes, responsible for damaging the company's reputation.

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