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Tramadol Online Prices, Ordering Tramadol Overnight

You must have heard about the BlackBag forensic softwareMACQUISITION. It has got a huge popularity worldwide. Actually, MACQUISITION does 3 major works:

(a) Forensic Imaging

(b) Data acquisition

(c) Data collection

This amazing software which runs on the Mac OS takes the data from more than 185 Macintosh computer models and reduces the need for the different take-parts for the forensic needs. It has been tested and used by the experienced users and examiners.

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As discussed, the BlackBag MACQUISITION software do three things – data acquisition, data collection, and forensic imaging. Let us discuss the characteristic utilities of all of these features:


Tramadol Online Prices, Ordering Tramadol Overnight

  • BlackBag MACQUISITION software forensically obtain the unknown/hidden user directories, files, and
  • Black Bag MACQUISITION do not disrupt the association of the metadata with the file. It actually preserves the metadata by maintaining file association.
  • MACQUISITION is very selective while obtaining emails, address book, calendar etc. and do it on a per-user/volume basis.
  • To authenticate the collected data, it uses hash functions MD5, SHA-256 or SHA-1.

Data Acquisition:

  • Big Box MACQUISITION has been packed with the capability of capturing important live data like multimedia files, chats etc.
  • MACQUISITION is quick to acquire the content from the RAM.
  • Big Box Maquisition has been packed with 26 data collection options to choose from.
  • One can even log all the information of the live data acquisition.

Forensic Imaging:

  • MACQUISITION can easily detect the combined volume from any Fusion Drive.
  • It presents all the data for imaging.
  • The examiner can mount all the data volume in a read-only This feature is available to be used if there is FileVault 2. This helps in the collection or triage of the files.
  • To create the forensic image, it uses the source machine’s own system. This is done by using MACQUISITION USB Dongle.

BlackBag MacQUISITION Dashboard

MacQuisition features

BlackBag MACQUISITION : Redefining Forensic Imaging

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eSec Forte Technologies is an Cert-In Empanelled | CMMi Level 3 | ISO 9001:2008 | ISO 27001-2013 certified Cyber Security and IT Services Company, Having headquarters in Gurugram, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi – India. We are Value Added Partner of BlackBag Macquisition.

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Though the software is compatible both Windows and Mac, the use of Mac is highly recommended. It is because the software is not so good to operate on windows if:

  1. We have to examine an APFS formatted media file.
  2. The filenames and paths are very long.
  3. The files systems are very case sensitive.

Tramadol Online Prices, Ordering Tramadol Overnight

Follow these boot instructions for the MACQUISITION:

  1. In a USB port, insert the USB key of the MACQUISITION.
  2. Attach a destination drive to the available Thunderbolt port/FireWire port/second USB port.
  3. Now double click the ‘Application’ disk image that appears on the desktop.
  4. In the ‘Finder’ application that appears, click on the MACQUISITION
  5. In the password dialog window that appears next, enter the administrator password and click ‘OK’. If the password is unknown click the ‘Cancel’ button.

Now click on the ‘Run Restricted’ button to run Black Bag MACQUISITION with restricted permission.

This is how it is booted.

Note: If one wants to boot the MACQUISITION when the source computer is off, one can do so by attaching a destination drive or device to a FireWire port/Thunderbolt port/second USB port. Now turn on the source power button and quickly press the Option key. The probability is that either ‘Start-up Manager’ or ‘EFI boot’ will appear on the screen. Now click the best version of the MACQUISITION which suits best to the source machine. To begin the boot process, click the arrow.

Customer reviews

"eSec Forte is our standard. Whenever an cyber security services is needed, the answer is always, let's start with eSec Forte."

John McDonald
VP - Information Security

"There is absolutely no impact on the performance or usability of applications. I am very excited at how easy the solution is to deploy and always performed flawlessly. by eSec Forte"

Albert Avila, Business Solution specialist


BlackBag MACQUISITION price quote can be obtained through eSec Forte. We are value added partner of BlackBag technologies. The benefit of buying through us is that you can get it at discounted price and we provide you support. If the customers are from any law enforcement agency, the BlackBag MACQUISITION Cost have extra discount.

We are headquartered in Gurugram, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore – India. Contact our sales team @ +91 124-4264666 you can also Drop us email at .

We Want to Hear from You !!

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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