Atola TaskForce

Atola TaskForce : Your Savior For Data Acquisition Demands

Atola TaskForce

The Atola TaskForce is the cutting-edge tool for evidence acquisition that works at high-speed, and is able to acquire media whether they are in good condition or damaged, and is developed with the forensic requirements in mind.

The TaskForce by Atola can operate both via standalone mode or can be used by multiple users, for devices connected to the same LAN, and has no upper limit for the number of devices allowed.

Hardware specifications:

  • The Taskforce system is made up of hardware unit which works in tune with the software that is accessible in the Chrome browser by Google.
  • The hardware  is fully equipped with a circuit protection that operates fully to prevent malfunctioning storages that are attached, causing damage either to the system, or any further damage to the self-same storage device.
  • The robust TaskForce unit consists of high-capacity components like a motherboard that is server grade, a Xeon CPU of 3.7 GHz and 8-threads and an ECC RAM. It has for its display a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and a customized kernel of Linux as an OS among st many other heavy duty components.

So, let’s look at some of the  Atola TaskForce Features you will like the most in this product:

  • The current version of the Taskforce can have more than 8 imaging sessions running simultaneously.
  • The TaskForce can boast of its wide-ranging capabilities of multi-tasking that operates through the imaging engine that is fastest in the market of forensic requirements.
  • Its hardware, which is server-class, helps it to provide:
  • An imaging cumulative speed that is a massive 15 TB/hour
  • Imaging of 5 target storages
  • All of its ports possess respective Source/target switches
  • All the ports possess Write protection in the Source mode
  • 2 Ethernet ports of 10 GB each
  • Forensic imaging that delivers images in E01 and RAW file formats.
atola taskforce

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Dedicated support for Damaged drives:

Image acquisition from hard drives that have sustained physical damage as well as from solid-state drives that have become problematic in nature, require an imaging that is quite complex in nature. The imaging engine of TaskForce is optimised for the best results. It ensures the procurement of the most amount of data possible, through the following mechanisms and methods:

  • Data Imaging only from the good heads
  • Imaging of drives that freeze
  • Imaging of drives with scratched surfaces
  • Imaging of drives with firmware issues
  • Drive diagnostics that run in-depth
  • All SAS/SATA, SATA, IDE ports have current sensors on them
  • Automated protection against cases of short-circuit and over current.

Extension modules:

The user interface of the TaskForce allows for multi-user access across various devices. The UI is designed to be highly intuitive and task-oriented. It is made to help data forensics investigators with different types of technical efficiency in providing evidence.

The UI allows for:

  • Management through Chrome browser
  • Several users operating the system simultaneously
  • Any operation can be launched within a max of 2-5 clicks

Supported Drives:

The Taskforce unit is a true multitasker that supports a variety of drives, such as IDE, SAS, USB, SATA and other drives via its 18 available ports. It also efficiently images many other kinds of storage devices with the help of extension modules like M.2 SSD, Apple PCIe and Thunderbolt.

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How to manage Atola TaskForce:

  • An Ethernet network of 10Gb

As mentioned before, the TaskForce provides access from any of the devices conncted to the same LAN, by the simple entering of the IP address on the Google Chrome browser. To further simplify connectivity, the IP address is displayed by the hardware unit upon the small screen that is on the front panel.

  • Mode of Standalone Operation:

The compact size of the system allows it to operate on a standalone mode, which comes with a built-in touch screen, which does not require for other computers to be involved.

  • Wi-Fi connections Operating Remotely:

With the built-in Wi-Fi access points that are by default disabled, the Taskforce makes available a for secure network upon enabling the WiFi, which makes easu access possible through devices like smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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Atola TaskForce Pricing

Compared to what it has to offer, the price of the Atola TaskForce price is not too expensive at all. Speaking as an Atola TaskForce reseller, it is recommended that you contact eSec Forte for the best pricing available. Their support works 24×7, and partners are strewn all over the world. Happy Recovery!

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Warranty for a Lifetime:

Support is provided via the Lifetime Warranty by the manufacturers, namely Atola, despite the age of the system, if the subscription for software update is kept active.The warranty terms of the Taskforce can boast to be the best in industry. If there is malfunctioning, repair of replacement will be provided free of cost. The initial purchase comes with one year subscription of updates. Each subscription covers 3 major annual software updates. No hidden charges are to be met.

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