ARCON PAM : Privileged Access management solution for Enterprises

Arcon PAM

ARCON-Privileged Access Management: Overview

Arcon PAM or Arcon Privileged Access Management is a solution designed to safeguard all the critical information stored on cloud. It provides an additional layer of security and eliminates the risk of various cyber-attacks and threats. Privileged access management is a technology-driven tool which provides a shield to your data while protecting the information stored in the systems. With its advanced technology, it accesses the risk beforehand only and send out alerts and notifications so that damage control can be actioned. Arcon PAM provides you with detailed analytics and monitored reports, which further improves the efficiency of operations.

What it is used for?



With the use of ARCON PAM an exhaustive audit can be set up, access can also be granted or denied based on the input for users which will help in eliminating unauthorised access.


Password Protection

Any data put on cloud will always be password protected. But with the use of privileged access management provided by Arcon partner, comprehensive password vault can be set up across all systems at once.



With the help of Arcon PAM, organizations have a facility to get a dashboard service where all the details related to all sign INS are monitored and reported for any fraudulent activity. The customised reports are generated based on the inputs.


Grouped Activity

With the help of Arcon privileged access managemen, organizations can have a control on all the applications even from a different set up and access their data for vigilance. It basically provides a virtual grouping facility

Features of ARCON PAM :


Analytics of User Behaviour

The profiles for each user are fed into the systems and if any user profile deviates from the designated activities, an alert is triggered.


Privileged Account Management

The system is designed in such a way that priority is given to privileged accounts and it is ensured that all the compliance standards are met for such accounts.


Compliance Management

The security certificates are monitored for all the applications to avoid any lapses and delay in renewals. This ensures all the security features are up to date and not breached.


Single Admin Access

There are many organizations which have various applications based across various groups. To gain control for such applications is cumbersome. To avoid such scenarios, PAM provides access for all the applications to one admin.

Benefits OF ARCON Privileged Access Mangement



With the increasing flow of information and the huge inputs, it is humanly impossible to monitor all the data. In order to make it more effective and error free, privileged access management powered by Arcon partner helps in monitoring it with the help of algorithms. With the exhaustive automated tools, users can focus majorly on the important events and classify based on requirements.


Fool proof Protection

Privileged access management systems are capable to determine any security breach across systems and do not allow security lapses to be moved to other unaffected systems. They work in such a manner that work does not get affected.


Emergency Access

Many a times there comes a situation in organizations where emergency access is required to be given to employees. In such cases, Arcon partner provides an entry into applications without revealing the passwords, thereby limiting the security threats.

Management of Session

Management of Session

The workflow of privileged access management is designed in such a manner that the activities are time bound and can be customised for checkout rules. You receive notifications for each activity and it even provides manual approval, if needed.

Arcon Pricing

Given its unique features, pricing is not revealed by the company and can be availed with preferred partners Arcon PAM. Compared to other players in the market, the pricing provided by these trusted vendors is highly completive and cost effective.

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