vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Companies often get confused with Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. These are two different type of tasks aim to reach a two different results with same area of focus. Together they provide the more complete vulnerability analysis.

The main question is whether to go for Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing Services or both.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing?

In Penetration testing, pen tester (also called as ethical hacker) carries out series of cyber attacks to break down the IT security, access to valuable data , control the systems, access to server etc. to alter the normal functioning of organization. Advanced tools and techniques are used to carry out such attacks.

What is Vulnerability Assessment?

While Vulnerability assessment is the procedure to identify and measure security vulnerability in a given environment. It is the assessment of status of IT security. It is carried out with the help of vulnerability scanner and manual techniques. It finds out potential flaws and measures to remove them or reduce the risk associated with them.

Penetration Testing Vs Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing

  • Identify the scope of attack
  • Tests sensitive data collection.
  • Gather targeted information and inspect the system.
  • Cleans up the system and provide final report.
  • It is non-intrusive, documentation and environmental review and analysis.
  • It is ideal for physical environments and network architecture.
  • It is meant for critical real-time systems.

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Makes a directory of assets and resources in a given system.
  • Discovers the potential threats to each resource.
  • Allocates quantifiable value and significance to the available resources.
  • Attempts to mitigate or eliminate the potential vulnerabilities of valuable resources.
  • Comprehensive analysis and through review of the target system and its environment.
  • It is ideal for lab environments.
  • It is meant for non-critical systems.

Relationship between Penetration testing and Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing relies on Vulnerability Assessment. Vulnerability scan of system is done to identify the vulnerabilities but still these are need to exploited. At this point, Penetration testing is done to exploit these vulnerabilities.  Some other similarities are :

  • Use of  Security tools.
  • Information gathering.
  • Vulnerability Report.

What is the Right option for you – Vulnerability Assessment or Penetration Testing or both ( VAPT )?

the goal of vulnerability scan is to find out the weaknesses of your system and fix them. Whereas, the goal of penetration testing is to find if someone can break your system and if yes, then what will be the depth of attack & how much meaningful data can they obtain.

The main objective of Vulnerability assessment is to discover vulnerabilities in the system and secure them. On the other hand, pen testing involves if threat can gain access to the system. And if  one can, then how much risk is associated with the same. Penetration testing is costly as compared to Vulnerability Scanning.

Together Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing that is VAPT can help you with – what is the weakness and how to fix it. It can improve overall security of the system.

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We provide Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing Services. We have a dedicated team of experts to provide VAPT services to our clients. Our team uses manual techniques and Advance security tools to discover and remove vulnerabilities from your company IT infra structure.

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