Web/Mobile Integration

Web/Mobile Integration

We provide web and mobile application integration services that enable you to integrate your mobile application with any third-party or your existing systems. Today, it has become crucial for enterprises to integrate mobile applications with their backend applications like CRM, POS, and ERP etc. to get better results, improved productivity and to give your employee and users a good experience.

Mobile App Integration Services

Proliferation of mobile phone apps for enterprise as well as consumer needs has given rise to a big challenge of integration. The applications need to be integrated with a variety of back-end systems. This not only requires expertise in a variety of domains but also demands in-depth technical knowledge of several development platforms, devices, operating systems, and languages. We bring a special skill-set to build apps that support ubiquitous mobility for your enterprise as well as your consumers. Our well-integrated and robust mobile applications interface seamlessly with heterogeneous back-end systems, while offering brilliant performance and user experience.

Mobile application integration gives you new ways to work effectively but a comprehensive solution combines the right plan, connectivity and managing tools. A cleaner approach can yield you fantastic results. As these integration services avail you the option to utilize your complete infrastructure behind your applications. Thus you have a robust service framework with a convenient and easy to use application interface.

Following are all these discussed in brief:

Web/Mobile application integration with POS system:

  • Boost in trade- the integration boosts in trade as more and more users are able to use more and more of the services provided by your organization.
  • Multi-channel contacts facility- the infrastructure supports a multi-channel contacts approach and facilitates you and your service users greatly.
  • Cloud based mobile POS chances –the infrastructure is deploy-able on the cloud services too and thus can be efficiently managed and utilized.
  • Best practices for safety- the system is extremely safe and provides a secure interface infusing trust among both parties.

Web/Mobile application Integration with CRM: Our mobile integration solutions are designed to allow you to communicate with your CRM systems to access sales and marketing reports, view dashboards and access real-time customer information etc. We offer highly customized services using different tools for great integration into your existing CRM system environments. These ensure the easy trade and correct management of existing data.

Web/Mobile Application Integration with CMS: We create mobile integrated CMS websites that allow you to access admin section, dashboard, upload images and modify content etc.

Web/Mobile application integration challenges:

The integration challenges a company faces to incorporate mobile applications in their cloud environment include:

  • Mobile enablement of accessible applications. The services can perform differently for every platform and it becomes very critical for the performance that proper testing is performed before deployment. It is an exhaustive service and an expert provider must essentially be consulted.
  • Complex mobile improvement languages. Mobile applications are coded in the languages which are also used for developing various web based applications. Each platform provider modifies the preferred language in a way that the applications are easier to code and faster to build. In this scenario the capabilities of the language is somehow restricted and it is very important to find work around for various problems to make the complex services work.
  • How to construct and point the business logic. Although it is the core for any development project but in case of mobile application development it has peculiar importance as the logics are to be rethought in respect of the available resources and constraints.
Mobile application integration solutions:
  • Enable synchronized access to communication, calendar, and links from any type of mobile phone device, including smart phones and tablets. This is the major utility of a mobile platform as the user can access all these services without much hassle all around the length of the platform.
  • Convey common message conversion, integration, and routing. The application is made performing the common tasks of the mobile device also in app structure.
  • Provide network cooperation from practically anywhere. As the main function of the mobile is to enable to user to communicate in the ways the user wants. Thus this objective must be so served as per the user requirement. The application structure must be so design that it does not interfere with the existing services structure of the platform.

The applications are also integrated with various social networking websites in many respects. Their structures for login, registration and other services is utilized so that the application is easier to manage and maximum services are provided.