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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Solution

Our Supply Chain Management Solution is developed considering the ever changing requirements and to match the growing challenges of supply chain industry. The Solution is scalable, flexible, feature-rich and extremely simple to use.

The application is customizable and can be seamlessly integrated with external systems such as, QuickBooks, Magento eCommerce or others.

Tramadol Cheap Uk - Tramadol For Sale Cheap

  • Planning & Forecasting: Demand & Supply planning/ forecasting through inventory analytics
  • Supplier Management: Optimize supplier relationships through contract management, SLA based performance analysis
  • Inventory Management: Real time visibility of stock at all nodes and in-transit
  • Order Management: optimize order-to-cash cycle time through accurate order fulfillment via rule based inventory allocation
  • Warehouse & Logistics: Minimize inventory handling cost through space planning and rule based picking/ put-away task generation
  • Predictive Analysis: Analytics engine to generate role based reports; Demand and supply signals to predict stock outs/ expiries

Key Benefits

• Cost Reduction: Inventory managing cost reduces and profits increase substantially

• Flexible Architecture – Customizable as per client’s need

• Cloud Hosted Solution giving easy access and zero maintenance for client

• ASCEND: Adaptive supply chain Events, Notifications and Dashboards

• Alerts & Notifications: On App, SMS, E-mail

Features of Supply Chain Management Solution

  • Define the threshold values for inventory (Raw Material or traded products); system generated alerts whenever Inventory dips below the threshold.
  • Define Supplier, Items, Purchase Order, Work Order, Sales Order, Customers, Bill of Material etc.
  • Automatically modify stock count according to the Purchase Order, Work Order or Sales Order.
  • One click print: Sales, Invoice, Packing Slips, Purchase Order and Work Order
  • Can email documents to Customer/Supplier from within
  • Analyze your Sales Trend, fast selling products, Open Purchase Order, Open Sales Order

Our aim is to help strengthen your processes to help you focus better on business!