Breaking the Security Silos for Direction and Response


Security teams face a dizzying array of threats, from ransomware and cyberespionage to fileless attacks and damaging data breaches. However, the biggest headache for many security analysts is not the endless number of risks that dominate news headlines but rather the repetitive tasks they must perform daily as they triage incidents and attempt to whittle down an endless backlog of alerts.

Cortex XDR Protects You at Every Stage of Security Operations

Attackers continually innovate. To outpace them, security teams must implement a repeatable process to proactively block attacks with best-in-class prevention and to discover and stop active threats. Cortex XDR gives you the tools to accomplish four iterative steps:

Automatically Prevent Threats

Accurately Detect

Rapidly Investigate

Intelligently Respond

Prevent Known and Unknown Threats While Gaining Complete Visibility

Ironclad security starts with great prevention. To this end, Cortex XDR delivers best-in-class prevention to stop exploits, malware, ransomware, and fileless attacks. Designed for minimal endpoint impact, the lightweight Cortex XDR agent blocks attacks while simultaneously collecting event data for Cortex XDR. The Cortex XDR agent offers a complete prevention stack, starting with the broadest set of exploit protection modules available to block the exploits that lead to malware infections. Every file is examined by an adaptive AI-driven local analysis engine that’s always learning to counter new attack techniques. A Behavioral Threat Protection engine examines the behavior of multiple, related processes to uncover attacks as they occur. Combining multiple methods of prevention, our next-generation antivirus (NGAV) stands apart in its ability to protect endpoints. It integrates with the Palo Alto Networks WildFire malware preventionservice to analyze suspicious files in the cloud and coordinate protection across all Palo Alto Networks security products. You can quickly deploy the unified, cloud-delivered agent to your endpoints to instantly start blocking advanced attacks and collecting data for detection and response.

Automatically Preventing Malware, Exploits, & Fileless Attacks. 


Data Inspected by Cortex XDR

Network Session-Level Data

Endpoint Data

Cloud Data

Application Data

User Data

Host Data

Data Retention

Data Forwarding

Cortex XDR Pricing

Its cost is dependent upon the license you wish to choose as it gives you various options. The detailed  price structure can be availed through Value Added Distributor eSec Forte Technologies who are well versed with all the data associated.

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